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Journal Chacham's Journal: Mini Rant: Matching terms 2

Why do i see people using Header & Trailer records? It is Header & Footer! Get it, the head is opposite the foot. If it is a Trailer record, the former is a Leader record. Head is the top of the body, foot is the bottom; lead comes before, trail comes after. Sheesh, some people just don't think! When should one be used over the other? It is a matter of paradigm. Are the records "part of" the body or not?

It's not limited to that. I see people using Start & End. It is Start & Finish or Begin & End. Like Lead & Trail, Start & Finish are outside the process, Begin & End are of the process. I get frustrated because i am starting to think in their stupid terminology! (The antidote to that sickness is to rant about it. :) )

When naming a COLUMN storing a process's start & finish times, Start & Finish are when they are set to start and finish. If it record the actual times of when it started and when it finished, the names should be Started and Finished.

Are these idiots turning their brains off before they name things or have they just not have brains to begin^H^H^H^H^Hstart with?

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Mini Rant: Matching terms

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  • Start and Finish for outside of the process and Asynchronous. Begin and End for inside the process and limited to the process. Start & End for *Realtime* database queries, is my standard (and usually marked out by StartDate/EndDate, StartTime/EndTime, or in are cases, StartDateTime/EndDateTime, to make it 100% clear what the interface requires).

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Start & End for *Realtime* database queries, is my standard

      Start is the opposite of Finish. If you like End, you should use Begin. You are one of the people i am complaining about! :)

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