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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: GOP still not getting it 3

After all, the Republicans are trying to copy an operation that the Democrats have been building, perfecting and training on for 10 years, ever since the party was outflanked by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election. Even if the RNC develops advanced digital tools in time for this year's campaign, the committee has to teach a new crop of volunteers to use them, not to mention convince longtime strategists to embrace them.

Dems lost in '04 due to running the only guy lame enough to make HRC's SecState tenure seem marginally competent.
All of the shiny technology in the world isn't going to put a sheen on Progressive turd policies. If the GOP wants political power, it really needs to be about both articulating AND DELIVERING actual reform.

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GOP still not getting it

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  • The 04 election wasn't about being outflanked or out-strategized in any way. The 04 election was a contest of who could call the other weak on terrorism quicker. The democrats didn't have a prayer of winning that silly contest. They had a chance to actually run a candidate who gave a damn and wanted to actually change the country for the better, but they let the media steamroll him in to the ground because - gasp, of all things! - he was actually excited to be running for the nomination. Once he was out

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