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IRS Scandal Has Obama Fingerprints All Over It

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  • Has the IRS done something outside their normal scope of operation? Or, like always, is this an Obama (democrat) thing? Because, as we all know, had this been somebody more of your kind, you would be demanding more.

    • Has the IRS done something outside their normal scope of operation?

      I don't know; does the head of the agency always feel it necessary to take the 5th before Congress?
      Or do you believe #OccupyResoluteDesk's "not one smidgen" malarky?
      Next you'll argue the Benghazi Four committed suicide.

      • You are still failing to point out anything out of the ordinary. Other than maybe, how many times the head of the IRS (A republican institution established long before your buddy Wilson took office) has been called before congress. Considering the scandalous nature of their business I would fully expect him to take the fifth.

        You are simply obsessed with the person. Policy is smoothly sailing in the same direction it always has, and you and your little tea party there are not rocking the boat, you're rowing

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