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Journal CleverNickName's Journal: Starsky and Hutch 12

I just got back from Starsky and Hutch.

Surprisingly funny. I bet the DVD will be great.

Best part was how anyone in the theatre under 30 didn't get about 70% of the best jokes.

Now I'm hoping that they'll make a CHiPs movie. I wonder what other late 70s to early 80s TV shows would translate well into movies?

Oh, and if you're not watching TRIO every night, you're really missing out on some fantastic television.

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Starsky and Hutch

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  • Now I'm hoping that they'll make a CHiPs movie. I wonder what other late 70s to early 80s TV shows would translate well into movies?

    Thanks, now you'll curse us all with "Little House on The Prarie: Laura's Gold", "Three's Company 3 1/3", and "WKRP: The Return of Howard Stern". Oh, think of the wacky fun that will coming to a theater near you!
    • How can you forget "The A-Team: Murdoc's Revenge" with the sequel "The A-Team: BA Pitty's the Foo'" ?

      And just how can we get by without "Bosom Buddies: The Wedding" where the sisters marry their brother's best friend (Kip and Hildy / Buffy and Henry).
      • An excellent idea, but not likely - George Pepard has sadly left us already for the great stage in the sky. :-(

        Still, getting the original Richard Hatch (who played Apollo) and Dirk Benedict (Who played Face on the A-Team, and the real Starbuck) to do a guest shot in the new Battle Star Gallactica would be kinda cool... Maybe they could even do another theatrical release (since there WAS a BG movie that was terrible back in the day) or simmilar.
  • Did you catch it on the big screen at Mann's Chinese? Almost took my wife out tonight to see it there, but we're trying to be frugal with our cash.
  • Saw you on TechTV a few hours ago. =) Thought I'd stop by and say hello.
  • My wife & I also saw it last night with some friends. It was much funnier than anyone expected, and was even cooler if you got all the jokes (as you pointed out).

    Nice quickie review! We also hope the DVD is good - more car bloopers/crashes would be nice. I hear Ben trashed 2-3 cars himself.. :-)
  • These are my top 2 votes, not that I'm part of the polling group :-)
  • but what does TRIO stand for? I'm guessing it's not the full name, as I couldn't find that on TitanTV...
  • Unfortunately, I lived out in the boonies as a kid, and didn't get the network that Starsky and Hutch aired on. So I'd miss most of the "in" jokes if they're aimed at fans directly rather than just people of the right age group.

    My wife and I did see "Book of Days" recently though. Good flick.

  • and I love it when the jokes aren't "gotten" by the younger crowd... like good techie jokes. :) Guess I'll have to plan for an afternoon out of the office after all.
  • I'd be willing to bet that the MacGyver movie isn't too far off. After all, he was pretty cool, lots of people still remember him, and you could probably convert any number of action scripts laying around into a MacGyver movie without much trouble.

    I imagine if it were made today, they'd probably cast Sean William Scott as MacGyver. I wonder who would play Pete, Jack, and Murdock?

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