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And While We're Admiring the Witful Pen of Mr. Morford...

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  • Cliff: Much thanks for posting that article. Although I never do, I bookmarked it just so I can refer back to it at some future date when hypocracy has reared its ugly head again. Well, reared it in a really, abnormally big way.
    • It was indeed worth the posting. Glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to know someone is reading the Journal and getting something out of it.
  • by pudge ( 3605 ) *
    He completely misses the point (shocking, that a writer for the SF Gate would do that). The point about Janet Jackson is, primarily, one of context. She was absolutely, unquestionably, wrong to do what she did, and she and the people responsible for it (the broadcasters) should be punished. Not because she flashed a nipple, not because it will harm children, but because the people watching had no expectation that such a thing would happen and should be able to choose for themselves whether they wish to s
    • You hit the nail right on the head. Im almost libertarian as far as broadcasting goes. I don't think there should be many (if any) restrictions on public airwaves -- with one caveat: content alerts. I want the information available regarding violence, language, nudity etc well before the broadcast time. I want to decide for myself what materials are appropriate for my children to see -- indeed, I want to choose what material *I* want to see. Further, I believe everybody should be able to make that inf
      • I haven't read the bible. Does it actually allow for cheerleaders in a bra, panties, and the smallest of skirts to jump around and shake their bodies in suggestive ways? If nothing else that seems to go against the spirit of the bible.
        • My first knee-jerk reaction was you were trying to slyly accuse me of being some type of hypocrite. While I still think thats the case, I'll treat your response as if it were otherwise.

          My exact beliefs and faith and that of my families is my business and should in no way concern you.

          If you are truely interested in "the bible" or "christianity" as a whole, read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions -- which will be yours and yours alone -- and your business which should in no way concern me.

          • For the past half hour I've searched without success to find an article I must re-read. It offered insight into how people follow their religion. I've forgotten too much of that and when I find it I'll save it for good.

            I'm sorry you wrote all that text when what I'm most interested in is how you've chosen to follow your religion. I was wondering if the bible clearly states or appears to be strongly against cheerleaders in skimpy outfits. Yet just as some Christians believe in a woman's right to choose,
            • You make a common mistake. Christians can't easilly be lumped together as to "absolute" belief systems. This is true for essentially every belief system out there. Weither you're talking about Sunni vs. Wahhabi vs. Shiite etc. versions of Islam, Catholic vs Gnostic vs Protestant vs Baptist etc versions of christianity, or the various sects of buddhism, hiduism, taoism etc.

              Your question, on the surface, is loaded and insulting. Further, it reaks of ignorance of the topic you profess interest. Your "que
              • Reading my last post again, I'm sorry its so poorly written and redundant.

                You're helping quite a bit with respect to getting the framing of my question right.

                Of course not all Christians are alike. I don't know which group you belong to. Like you say, those who may take issue with something like "cheerleaders" would most likely be from an established church doctrine and not from the bible directly.

                So I wanted to hear your viewpoint on how you came to your particular viewpoint. Reconciling what the bib
                • But you got me thinking about my Reform Judaism upbringing and how as a teenager I started questioning my beliefs. My conclusions have made me agnostic.

                  As did my catholic upbringing and subsequent questioning of my beliefs led me to become an agnostic at a certain time in my life (all paths lead to god -- remember our wise old Brahman?).

                  I consider my conlusions logical.

                  Most people would consider their belief system to have been reached by logic.

                  Therefore your conclusions are based on different logic


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