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Journal ObviousGuy's Journal: Moderation/Karma weightings? 2

What is the weighting of Moderation to Karma?

It is common knowledge that a +1 Funny is worth 0 karma, but are there other values that are not commonly known?

I currently have Bad karma. However, looking over my recent posts, I have many +5 Insightful/Interesting posts and have a positive moderation balance despite several downmods.

However, my karma has steadily declined. Likewise, my karma barely moves at all from Positive to Good even though I have received a moderation balance of +20 as evidenced by the daily moderation totals.

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Moderation/Karma weightings?

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  • Not quite on topic, but, as I mention in my first ever journal entry, I just got meta-moderation results on some of my moderation, only it wasn't my moderation, it was of posts I'd never seen before in articles I never looked at. I posted the page with the m2s of those mods that were mistakenly credited to me inside my journal entry so that it'll survive the 15 day message purge. Anyway, I'm wondering if there isn't some stealth bug in the mod/karma system.
  • Looking at your posting history, it looks like being rated down must carry a higher weight than being modded up. On the basis of your two posts on Tuesday that received several negative ratings (as well as positive ones) it also looks like a lot of your foes have mod points and are out hunting.

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