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Journal illuminata's Journal: Your $rtbl Story 5

Well, as I've been browsing around it seems that more and more people are dealing with the same situation that I am. A lot of those mods love to hammer people with opinions different than the majority with the $rtbl.

So, if you've had experiences with the $rtbl, or just feel like talking about it, you might as well do it in my journal. It's as good of a place as any, really.
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Your $rtbl Story

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  • All I know is that there is a strong leftist presence amoungst moderators on slashdot. ANY opinion, no matter how clear or insightful it may be, iffin it deviates from views of the green/f*ck the man/Bush=Hitler crowd, you are guaranteed to get a flamebait, or some other negative rating.

    Anymore, I just charge ahead into the subject and post my (conservative) views and let the chips fall where they may. On another end of the transaction, I try to moderate thoughtfully as possible, but I also pay very clo

    • The $rtbl is a tag that the editors put in their user database to revoke moderating capabilities and +1 karma bonuses (despite leaving the checkbox titled No Karma Bonus under the comment text area), regardless of karma rating. On a side note, mine has been rated as excellent for quite some time now.

      Basically, it's a sneaky way for the editors to try and keep users that they don't like out of the mix without banning them or letting a user know that they don't like what they have to say.

      I think that it's o
      • Sounds like "73h 5ux0rz".

        I'm currently a foe of CmdrTaco, I post right-wing stuff, and I still have my Excellency and my bonus.

        Probably not forever, but hey... it comes to pass.

        Maybe it's time to move to another site...

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