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Journal jeffy124's Journal: Personal Accounting Software? 9

So, since I'm pretty much gonna be on my own soon (been living w/ my parents for about 6 months and working full time, thinking about a townhome or something), I'd like to get my finances under control and planned. I think some simple accounting software might help me out with budgeting, forecasting, spending projections, etc. Integration with my bank's online account access wont be necessary.


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Personal Accounting Software?

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  • GnuCash! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Elpacoloco ( 69306 ) <elpacoloco&dslextreme,com> on Thursday January 08, 2004 @08:04PM (#7922524) Journal
    I've had a lot of success with a free software called Gnucash, which has helped me organize my finances and save my way into becoming a thousandaire!

    But it doesn't work for windows. And when I asked for a windows version (my brother suffers from chronic debt and doesn't use linux) I got a very rude reply from the development team.

    Or quicken, I hear good things about that all the time.

    • yeah, i probably should've mentioned that it should run on windows. i had looked at them, and noticed how deeply rooted it is in the various unixlike os's.

      Quicken could be a good deal, except it's price. $80 (acc'ding to their site) sounds like a lot.
      • Many versions of Quicken. Check them out, decide what you need, then look for rebates. I don't think I've ever paid more than $40 for a copy.

        Oh, and been using it since ~1997 or so.

        • ok, i was just looking at intuit's store, which seems to push the high-end tools. amazon lists the basic version at $30, much more manageable.
          • Check with your bank.
            I got a copy of Deluxe from my bank (PNC Bank) for free.
            See if they have offers/deals or anything like that.
            • i'll have to look. problem is I never go to a branch anymore other than for the ATM. Wachovia's website makes a mention of being integrated with Quicken (and others). maybe I'll go in and act naive and ask questions.
  • to spend as little as possible. Cut financial corners. Get rid of your cell phone (if possible.) Buy rice and beans and cook it yourself instead of eating out.
    Hopefully if you work hard and save as much as you can, you'll be able to move into that townhouse.
  • Go with paper. Write down everything on reams of paper. Like a good accountant, record everything twice, once where it goes in and once where it goes out.

    Paper's very cheap. It requires only a pencil or a pen, and it doesn't matter which operating system you run.

    It's slightly more time consuming, and somewhat harder to learn.

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