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Journal Journal: Exotic Hardware 4

Today I read slashdot's story about Debian, and how they're considering dropping some of their archetectures. (Story Here)

Debian supports something like 11 archetectures, the vast majority of which I have never seen in operation. Every computer store I have seen stocks only x86, and if you're lucky, you might find some AMD64. PowerPC comes from Mac computers. That's three.

Where on earth are these other 8 archetectures?

GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: GnuBonzi

Considering the popularity I hear about Bonzi Buddy, I think someone should take the time and effort to make a spyware-free, open source version.

I lack the skill to make such a thing, but I would be willing to help draw the avatar.


Journal Journal: How I shot myself in the foot with Mozilla

I recently removed my old mozilla installation to replace it with firefox. And foolishly, I removed it with a number of rm's.

I just barely reinstalled psm, but still I have no ssl and no ability to use https. I nearly drove myself insane trying to do the psm stuff, since putting the libraries in place was not enough, I also needed to get chrome to recognize them.

What other libraries do I need to get ssl and https support?

I use debian, so possibly the right apt-get might solve this. Maybe.

I hope I can solve this soon, since both my bank and stockbroker use https, and I'm rather inconvinienced until i fix it.

Linux Business

Journal Journal: Ars Economicas 2

Okay, this is going to be tricky.
Apparently the slump is over, and it's possible to get jobs now. I need one: I did not have any paid employment during 2003, and supported myself collecting aluminum cans.

Now once I'm done laughing at the amature video game made about this unusual livelihood, I have realized that I need paying work.

I'm a computer geek with a half-finished degree in computer science. I use a lot of linux, and family members tell me I would make a great teacher. I could get an accountant's certificate in 3 months, or a nursing certificate in 3 months. It will take 2 years to finish my degree (at least. The college keeps changing the requirements.)

I am applying to the following companies: McDonalds, Borders Books, Wal Mart, and the Hobby Lobby.

I live near Houston, Texas. Places for me to work will have to be within 100 miles of there.

What company would be most interested in hiring someone of my specifications? And why have most companies been ignoring my resume?

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