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Journal illuminata's Journal: Have I Been $rtbl'd? EDIT: It Seems So... 3

Well, despite having excellent karma at the time of this post, I can't get any +1 posting bonus. Ever since I've enabled reporting of metamoderation results (not long after I was able to metamoderate), no results have been shown. I've never been able to moderate, yet I haven't been posting anywhere below neutral for quite some time.

I haven't peered into Slashcode, but I have heard a little about the $rtbl ordeal. Considering what's been going on with my account, does it seem like a moderator has used the $rtbl tag on me? If not, what else might be going on?

EDIT: It looks like I have been $rtbl'd, many posts with excellent karma and still no bonus. And, absolutely no messages are being shown, not even comment moderation.
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Have I Been $rtbl'd? EDIT: It Seems So...

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  • If you don't/can't moderate, you can't be meta-moderated, so you won't see any meta-moderation results messages. So, this fact isn't a valid indicator of anything. (-1 Offtopic ;)
    • Aah, I thought that the metamoderation results were to show how your metamoderating affected somebody else's moderation.

      Well, it's a good thing that I have somewhat of an explanation. Person #1 mentioned in a bit of a flamewar that they couldn't wait to see Person #2's moderation when it came time for Person #1 to metamoderate, implying that they were going to mark it unfair.
      • Wait, wait, wait. Shit. I meant to say that Person #1 couldn't wait to see the metamoderation results once they came across person #2's moderation, implying that they were going to mark it unfair.

        There you have it, that's what I meant to say. I think something's in my egg nog. I better go check.

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