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  • It's not only inhuman. It's also really inefficient for the marketplace.

    If you want growth and a really successful private sector, a more even distribution is optimal. Because the money that's concentrated up at the top is less likely to circulate, slowing the "velocity of money".

    So if you really want a successful "free market", then you really want to break up that concentration of wealth in so few hands.

    After a point, it gets hard to spend massive wealth. There are only so many $20,000 wristwatches and

    • But I give a shit about "the market" and other abstractions.

      It's people, first, last and second.

      • My point was that the same people who have used the "free market" to create the wealth disparity have sown the seeds for their own demise. More importantly, their children's.

        If someone really did love the idea of capitalism, the last thing they'd ever want is for 1/3 of the wealth to be in the hands of 1%.

  • Make no mistake. It's code for "states rights" and Jim Crow. Let them deny all they want, but these are the desires of the old dixiecrats who flipped over the the republican faction back in '65, and whose radical Baptists gave us the "Moral Majority" and Ronald Reagan. And now we have Obama, who very successfully co-opted all resistance and crippled the civil rights movement and all legitimate criticism of the government as being racist, mixing them with the goofs who call themselves "conservatives" that ac

  • Are we not supposed to notice how the last five years have EXACERBATED all the problems noted in the video?
    This Obama salvation sure seems to come with an awful lot of brimstone.
    But I'm sure the Belle of Benghazi's going to fix all that starting in 2016 for us.
    Lord, ha'e mercy.
    • Who says hating the white-sheet / brown-shirt crowd means that one supports the fake opposite?
      I am MORE anti-Obama than you will ever be. I hate him, for being a Trojan horse, and you keep insisting he whinnies and canters.

      • Who says hating the white-sheet / brown-shirt crowd means that one supports the fake opposite?

        :-) Don't take it personal. He does that to everybody every chance he sees. I don't expect it to stop, even after several previous reminders. It's a regular MO of avoiding the subject of a discussion.

        • "Son [], we live in a world that has elections, and that elections have to be guarded by men with principles. Who's gonna do it? You? You, fustakrackich? The Tea Party has a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Progress, and you curse the Tea Party. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what the Tea Party knows. That Progress's demise, while tragic, probably wasted lives. And the Tea Party's existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves these Un

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