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Journal Minupla's Journal: Thinking to myself 4

If a journal gets written and noone is there to read it, does it consume harddrive space?

It's a bizzare world we live in these days, and I haven't felt like writing in here for a long time. Although I live in a different country, sept 11 hit us here too. It was surreal for several days after the 11th. I had a job interview on the 13th, I had to travel by passanger boat to the interview. Usually the boat has children running around talking excitedly, the usual burble of adult conversations, ecetra. Not on the 13th. The whole trip was a surreal silence. Children sat silently beside their parents, occasionally looking toward their mothers and fathers, as if understanding that the world had changed, and not for the better, and willing their parents to make it all better.

Even in Canada, I was touched by the tragity. Friends of mine lived in a city that had a suspicious plane land, in the far north. They came over the radio and announced that everyone should head to high ground out of the city incase the highjackers decide to take the plane into the hydro-electric dam just upstream of the city.

My friend's daughter was in NYC not a week earlier and had bought tickets to a performance in the WTC.

My cousin was just across the water, and saw the planes hit. She was down there on a work trip.

I had come in second in a job competition that would have had me in the WTC on the 11th, and my Fiance had planned to work at the bookstore in the basement.

And I was one of the remotely effected people. I didn't actualy know anyone who died on Sept 11.

I wrote this on Sept 15th in my paper journal.

To all my friends and relitives in the US, my thoughts are with you.

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Thinking to myself

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