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Journal Slashdot Beta Update 6

A few days ago, we opened the curtains to give everyone an early glimpse of what Slashdot is going to look like. More than a thousand comments and hundreds of emails have poured in, offering some very useful feedback and advice: thanks. As you'd expect, Beta is work in progress — we have a long way to go not only in integrating all the features we want, but in smoothing over inevitable rough edges. This blog post is to give a few updates on the state of the Beta, and tips on using it. As we sifted through your feedback we noticed some common areas of critique:

One group of readers we've heard a lot from are those who don't like seeing the images that the new Beta introduces in its Standard view. Good news: seeing images is a preference that's easy to change. Just select "Classic" from the view-selection widget on the menu that appears near the top of the page. (You can see an illustration here.) You can always change your view, and your choice is persistent until you select a new one.

Likewise, many readers have raised (understandable!) objections to the Beta's fixed-width; expect changes in the near future that will address this. We're aiming for a page that displays cleanly on as many devices, screen sizes, and browsers as possible.

We're only partway into this redesign; a lot of stuff is coming. One big example: the commenting system is only partly in place, which means many of the features currently available on the regular page haven't been implemented yet on the Beta. Likewise, the submissions and login systems are under active development, and you'll see enhancements rolled out in weeks to come as the beta gets closer to production.

We know there are some general problems with readability in the Beta, too; In the coming weeks we'll be experimenting with various fonts, texture and styles to make the page easier on your eyes.

You make Slashdot what it is — so please keep the feedback coming. (Details, including screenshots, make bug reports and suggestions much easier to act on). Watch this space: We'll be giving more updates via this blog on improvements as they're worked on.

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Slashdot Beta Update

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