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Journal Liora's Journal: Long-awaited update 10

Well, for starters, I really love being married to Shimmin. It's great. It happened 17 days ago, and it still seems a little bit like a dream. I remember the rehearsal that morning, and being a little scared and tired and some other stuff, and I remember not being hungry for breakfast, and I remember getting dressed with my best friends. I remember putting my makeup on and having Laila do touchups, and then having to put a plastic bag over my head for about 10 seconds while they pulled my dress over my head so as to not get makeup on it. That was funny. I remember the wedding coordinator showing up at the door and saying that my dad and my grandma were there to see me. And I was all dressed, and they said I was beautiful. And I was ok then and not crying. And then I remember the wedding coordinator ushering my mom and my aunt in, and my mom took one look at me and started crying, and they just kept saying over and over that I was beautiful (this seems to be a trend...), and then I started crying a little, and I told my bridesmaids that they should probably all stuff a little tissue under their bra straps for me in case I needed them. And I remember waiting in the queue with my dad and crying and getting makeup on the handkerchief that Shimmin's grandma made when she was a little girl and that she gave to me to carry.

And then I remember walking. And my dad placing my hand in Shimmin's. And I remember holding his hand as Heidkamp said some words and I remember thinking "Oh my goodness this is real!" It was good. And then I remember Heidkamp's sermon thing said that we needed tons of mercy for each other and stuff and it was great, and he was swell. And then I remember Shimmin and I both fighting not to laugh as we said our vows - we were so happy. We weren't crying at all. And then we exchanged rings and I think I had a few tears there, but not many. And then, the funny part. We went up on the stage as my brother played Jesus be the Center and we lit the unity candle and we had neglected to purchase dripless candles, so we each burned ourselves on the hot wax. We sort of looked at each other and gritted our teeth and then just did it anyway, and blew out our own candles. Yes, marriage can be pain. I have experienced it firsthand.

And then he pronounced us Mr. & Mrs. Shimmin, and we went down the aisle and had a moment to ourselves where Shimmin put my engagement ring that had been on my right hand for the ceremony over the wedding ring on my left hand. And then we hugged and cried and then at some point the ushers started dismissing our friends and family, and they came through and we both cried the whole time. I couldn't introduce Shimmin to anyone, and he couldn't introduce me to anyone through all the tears, but that was ok, and we cried and all the people who thought to introduced themselves to us anyway - there were all kinds of family members that we each had present that the other one didn't know.

And then pictures. And then cake. And then we finally got to eat something, although I still wasn't hungry. And then we tossed the bouquet and garter, and then we got into his nicely decorated car which we drove to my house and conveniently got into my car which we hadn't brought for that reason, and drove away to our honeymoon.

Fast forward 17 days, we are in my house, his things aren't quite put away, but all of the rooms of the house are in good order except the spare bedroom, where his things and the wedding miscellanea are piled, and we hope to make more headway on that tonight. All of the thank you notes are sent, all of the gifts are put away. Gifts that are meant to hang on the walls will be hung tonight (lots of cast iron hanging candle-holders and candles, and some pictures and picture frames). We are happy. Being married is way better than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty darn good.

So far we're mostly remembering to pray together every single morning before we get up (even if we forget we do it later) and we're driving in to work together. My body rebelled a week ago Friday because he was packing me lunches that were just a little TOO healthy (my mouth got tired of chewing when he gave me carrot sticks and apple slices in the same lunch), but he's since figured out the right balance, and we're doing swell, and so far the household duties have mostly been shared. Which is just fine with us.

Anyway, for those of you that are considering trying it, if you get the right person, being married is GREAT.

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Long-awaited update

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  • I'm glad you're so happy. I hope it continues into the unforeseeable future. :)
  • Thank you so much for sharing. I love to hear about good couples getting married and being "in love."

    All too often we only here the bad, I like it when people share the good. ;)

    Congratulations and I wish the both of you all the best!
  • Yeah, my wife sobbed pretty much the whole way through the ceremony....
  • Congratulations, that is really great. I'm not married, but I've been with Tracy for 8 years, and we've been living together for 5 years, and I wouldn't trade one second of it. I often have horrible dreams were I have to leave because I have to go back "home." See, we had a long distance relationship (from '95-'98). Its a great thing to wake up next to the one you love and to see them when they get home from work in the evening. To just know that they are there is a feeling that cannot be described.
  • It's great to hear that you're adjusting so well to being married! I pray that this continues and that you two enjoy a wonderful, happy, loving Christ-centered marriage.
  • ;)

    Gotcha beat by a few days. Today is our 1 month mark.


    Yeah, it's awesome.
  • The candle thing is funny.

    My wife and I wound up pretty much drowning our unity candle. When we both tipped our candles to light it all the wax poured over the poor unity candle, so when we finally did get it lit, it was just a dull flame.

    The only other mishap at our wedding was that the isle runner was not tacked to the floor properly, so I was standing on one end while the ushers were pulling the runner down the isle for my wife-to-be.

    Marriage is a wonderful gift from God. When you imagine the love t
  • i was told just before my wedding that it's proper to say, "best wishes," to a woman and , "congratulations," to a man. no one knew the reason why. anyway, i hope you have a life full of happiness.

    good work on the thank you notes. we don't have those all sent yet. yeah, we're slow like that sometimes.

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