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Journal MyHair's Journal: Poll: When to Call? 2

I planned on calling T Monday night and seeing about scheduling something Wednesday night because I have family visiting this weekend. But I worked late and got home too late to call.

Tuesday at work I was given the advice to not call her that soon, but to wait a few days. I had met T Saturday, and the advice--from a woman--was to wait to call until Wednesday or Thursday.

Between the advice, some dental work and my family not calling to confirm plans I decided not to call T Tuesday night. (I wasn't sure I'd be able to eat a nice dinner by Weds night; turns out it would've been okay.)

Tonight, Wednesday night, I called but got voicemail, and I left a message and my number.

Anyway, the "when to call" advice got me wondering. I'm not particularly worried about it, but I figure the next day is probably too soon, and two weeks is way too long. What do you think?

After meeting a girl in a bar and getting her phone number, call her back:

A. 30 minutes after parting for a booty call.
B. The next morning.
C. The next day.
D. 2-3 days
E. 4-5 days
F. 6-8 days
G. 9-14 days
G-and-a-half. 4 to 6 weeks
G-and-three-quarters. When really drunk, desperate and lonely.
H. Sucka! Gonna show this # to friends and post it on the trophy wall!
I. Next morning, push her out of bed and tell her to make breakfast.
J. Doesn't matter, 'cause it's a fake number, anyway.

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Poll: When to Call?

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  • Call when you have something to say. Don't try to plan when this will be, and don't over stress about it. If you took the coat she left on the back of her chair, don't wait f(n) days to tell her! And if all you can think of is "Duh, hey! I just wanted to chek if the number was good" don't feel compelled to call because it's almost f(n)+c days later.

    She will be much more likely to enjoy the call because there is a point to it than because you "did your homework" and called at the exact right time.

    -- M

  • MarkusQ is right, but E is a good time frame. D is good if you REALLY hit it off. If you can't think of anything to say, remember her eye color and work that into a phone conversation, they love that stuff. ;-)

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