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Journal marcushnk's Journal: Big changes

This whole company restructure thing sucks.
Its got moral at an all time low.. no not my moral.. everyone elses.
I would be happy if they made me redundant, as I'd get to shift to Perth on a decent cash package..

We're planning an IP address range swap over in less than a week.. I've started the planning but the deaper I go the more complex its going to be.
scary stuff.. but we've (The boss and myself) decided that my site should go first, as I've made it the most robust and have the best underlying structure.

wonderfull.. work hard.. get punished first :-P

I'm reading a Trilogy by "Garth Nix" at the moment.. its not too bad.. way better than Trudy Carnavan but still kinda childish.

This Gentoo server setup is causing me some lost time.. first I wasted heaps of time trying to figure out what was wrong with my install and it turned out to be a stuffed CDrom.. then I used the new GRP3 and Genkernel configuration.. I think that process has some flaws in it.. I might even contribute to the buglist.

This time I think I'm just being lazy.. (also prozilla appreas b0rked).
I'll get it done though..

*yawn* I have a meet tomorrow.. so I'd better head off to bed.. not rest for the gleefully wicked ;-)

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Big changes

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