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Comment Re:That's what encryption is for. (Score 1) 402

because its a jail-able offence.

If they think you are trading in state secrets (like Stern Hu ) they will take and detain you and your equipment.
At that point they'll ask for you encryption key, if you refuse then you'll be jailed indefinitely and possibly executed.

best thing to do is to not take any data with you, or "burn" / wipe / replace your equipment after visiting.

Comment Dealing with incredulity / misunderstandin Theory (Score 1) 1142

It seems to me (from my internet heavy view of the world) that two of the biggest problems we seem to have is educating the uneducated about two main points:
1) Incredulity about "BIG" things (ie Big Bang or the massive time frames involved around Evolution changes)
2) The misunderstanding of what the word Theory means in the context of Theory of Evolution etc

How would you suggest the community of understanders NOT in the science community attack these issues?

Comment Cryosite is who we used (Score 1) 321

We only did it for our first child as I didn't see enough benefits (and we couldn't offset the cost) when we had our second child.
But we used (yeah its Australian)
The (now Danish??) Princess used them for her children as well... if that means anything to you.

One thing to remember, a Public storage means you have ZERO guarantee of getting YOUR bloody back when you request it...

Comment bullshit.. it's coming, just not before the device (Score 2) 362

Dan Morrill
  Oct 20, 4:29 am
As you know, like many other projects the Android Open-Source Project was
affected by the recent downtime. So, we’re pleased to let you
know that the Gingerbread source code is now available again, and AOSP git
servers are back online.
Even before the downtime, it was clear that AOSP was sometimes
taxing’s git infrastructure. When we did the Gingerbread source
release, for example, load due to AOSP made part of unusable for
several days. This isn’t fair to’s staff or the community, so for
some time we’ve been preparing our own git hosting on Google servers.
We were finishing up just as experienced their downtime, so the
Gingerbread source is now available on Google’s servers. Accordingly, the
git URLs have changed.
Here are the instructions to access the new git servers:
      - You need to get the latest version of the repo tool:
      curl > ~/bin/repo
      - You need to initialize a new repository:
      repo init -u -b
      - The full instructions are at
There are a few limitations to be aware of:
      - Our priority has been getting the main source code mirrors back online,
      so for the moment gitweb source browsing and Gerrit Code Review are still
      - We are now working on bringing AOSP’s Gerrit Code Review site back up,
      and hope to be able to say something here soon.
      - It might be a little while longer before gitweb comes back,
      unfortunately, since Gerrit Code Review is the next priority.
      - To reiterate, these servers contain only the ‘gingerbread’ and ‘master’
      branches from the old AOSP servers. We plan to release the source for the
      recently-announced Ice Cream Sandwich soon, once it’s available on devices.
      - As these new servers are, well, new, there may be hiccups if we
      encounter unexpected issues. However we’re keeping a close eye on them and
      will respond to any issues as quickly as possible.
Finally, we’d like to send a huge “thank-you” to the community
and Oregon State University Open-Source Lab staff. They’ve done an
incredible job hosting the AOSP source code mirror and Gerrit Code Review
for nearly 3 years. Without them, it’s safe to say that AOSP would not be
where we are today.
Thanks, and happy coding!
- Dan

Comment F you EA and the dead flogged horse you rode in on (Score 1) 439

Since Tribes I haven't been able to stomach multiplayer games online. My entire gaming life almost exclusively exists in single player mode. Just because EA cant be bothered funding decent AI and single player game player doesn't mean the rest of the world wont/cant.
If they persists in dumping out crap for the masses I'm sure the indie and open source gaming industry will harvest my money just as quickly.

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