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Journal MyHair's Journal: Geek at the Blues Bar 3

As seen in my most recent JE I had no luck last night in meeting women or even striking up a conversation. When leaving the parking garage, though, I passed a Blues Bar that boasted live entertainment. I recognized the name as someone had mentioned it to me before. I made a note to come back to it sometime.

Tonight (Saturday night) I almost didn't go out. I was discouraged by Friday night's utter lack of interest and the money I spent failing so. I even played some Quake II for a couple of hours, and the sun went down. But I decided I really should go out, but this time I would do something that I enjoy more than just trying to meet women. So I looked up the blues bar's schedule and saw that their bands started at 9:30 tonight. Cool! I like late starts.

So I played the computer, ate and showered. I decided just to wear a t-shirt, old jeans and tennis shoes tonight because I wasn't really trying. As I got in the car I noticed the shirt had a faint smell of mildew; oh well, I wasn't planning on getting close to anyone, and maybe the smoke at the bar would mask the smell. I arrived at the bar right as the band started. Oops, no seating room. So I stood, but the band was great.

I was standing where everyone had to walk by to enter or leave the stage room, so I got to watch a lot of nice women go by. Nobody seemed interested, though, but I was there for the music tonight.

At the start of the second set two black ladies stood near me to watch. They were having fun and we talked a bit. As the band played on we danced in place a bit and talked some more. I bought them a round of beers. At first I thought the one with the cuter face (we'll call her C, TechnoLust-style) might be interested because she was closer to me and started brushing against my arm while dancing. It quickly came out that she was married, but unhappily and seemed to be acting single. That turned me off, because I don't want to mess with a married woman; if you don't want to be married, get divorced but don't stay married and play around.

The other girl--the one with the nicer body, who we'll call T--then seemed much more interested in me. She told me I was cute. She and I started talking and she talked a lot. Through the night it became more apparent that she liked me. I was a bit apprehensive because I haven't been out with a black woman before, and her face--although not ugly--wasn't particularly attractive to me, but she had a good personality and a nice body and very smooth skin.

Maybe they were both into me, because at the end of the night T got more physical with me and then C suddenly wanted to leave. T gave me her cell phone number, and we have tentative plans to go to a jazz restaurant.


While I was hanging with T and C and we were going outside for a smoke/cool-down break (T and I don't smoke, but it was hot inside) a very pretty woman--better face than C, better body than T, my skin color, and a funny personality--made an amusing quip about the way I looked at a statue as I passed. I don't know if she was showing interest or just having fun, but I don't think I could've started a conversation with her without pissing off T and C. It was tempting to try, anyway. D'oh! I just realized I should've tried to find her after T and C left. At the time I was tired and decided to go home myself, and my mind was racing with analyzing the evening and debating on wheter I really want to take T out or not. (I think I will.)

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Geek at the Blues Bar

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  • Seriously, take her out. I went to dinner with a black girl (not alone, unfortunately, we had some other people with us) and we had a blast. Skin color doesn't mean a thing. Cute is cute, and if she is a nice person and you guys get along well, go out and have fun.

    And I was going to tell you, the best way to meet women is to go out and have fun without trying to meet women... but it would appear you learned that lesson. I would recommend wearing clean (or at least not smelly) clothes, however. ;-)

    • Yeah, you're right, I should take her out. The worst that could happen is that one of us decides we're not attracted to the other, and that's better than staying at home and playing on the computer.

      I keep finding things to worry about and have to remind myself that it's just hanging out and having fun and seeing what happens. Besides, she really seemed into me. C might have been, too, because she didn't start looking at her watch until T got frisky with me. (Or maybe C just suddenly remembered that she had
      • These stories are interesting. Good for you for getting out there. When my wife and kids are out of town I go out, not to clubs or to meet anyone, but just out to a restaruant to see what's going on, have a meal and a few cold ones. Maybe chat with the bartenders. But just to get outta the house.

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