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Bush Lite?

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  • It's all a function of the collapse of liberty into an uber-state.
    I don't see what the atheist crowd is all worried about, anyway. If life has no meaning, what difference, at this point, does it make if society is reduced to an ant farm?
    • Because atheists don't like being trampled any more than anybody else. The possible meaningless of life does not deny that we are still here living it.

      "uber-state"? No, uber-corp that built and maintains the uber-"state". I will steal the term from an AC... Don't be a dog for the aristocrats. I know what you mean by "liberty". Using it as a punchline does not impress me.

    • Oh wait.. I didn't catch your subject line there...

      LOL... And I just got done saying irony is dead...

      • No irony. We spent 2000-2008 hearing how jacked up George W. Bush was. I grew to understand that these criticisms (frequent offered by Senator Barack Obama) had some merit.
        Now everyone wants to (a) keep the H8 going on Bush, or (b) shift it to Barack.
        Neither of those answers is correct. If we're not rejecting the uber-state/uber-corporation/uber-goober then we're tacitly accepting that the sun has set on the American experiment.
        And, hey, for the "we're all just bags of molecules" crowd, getting demoted t

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