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Journal tcdk's Journal: To Linix or not - part I 1

I'm working towards doing my main home workstation totally microsoft free.

The first step was chancing to OpenOffice, which I really enjoy. But I'm still running W2K.

What I need:

- A good email program. I'm currently using The Bat! and PopFile for spam filter.
- Mozilla
- Graphics program. Currently using PhotoShop and PaintShopPro.
- php Development enviroment. Currently using HomeSite.
- Borland Delphi
- Video/TV capture software. I've a All-in-wonder Radeon card.
- A p2p program that works. Currently using eMule.
- An IM. Currently using Trillian.

So I did my first testing today. I downloaded and bootet on a Knoppix 3.2 CD. That worked supprisingly well. Lot's of software on that CD with lots of options. Definitly a CD that's going to say in my toolbox cd box (that I always carry with me).

There was a few problems. Mainly no sound and when I tried to play a divx it failed after a couple of seconds (with out warning or error message the window disappeared).

As to my software need list:

- Email: There should be lots of options. I don't really need all the (extreme) number options in the bat, now I can use popFile to do most of the filtering.
- Graphics: This is going to hurt. I've tried The Gimp for windows and frankly it sucks big time.
- php Dev. There should be good things out there. I just havn't tried them. Most important is good editiong, syntax highlight and projekt management.
- Delphi. Yrh. I develop (at work) for windows and sometimes I need to work at home. Can't really see a solution in this. Kylix isn't a solution as rewriting all the old applications to clx is impossible.
- All-in-wonder support: I got no idea if this is possible.
- eMule: I think that this exists.
- IM: This must exsist.

More later...

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To Linix or not - part I

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  • by tcdk ( 173945 )
    Playing around a bit more with the Knoppix thing.

    I found where screen resolution was set and changed it to something more interesting than the defalt thing. But unfortunatly I have to "restart my session" (whatever that means), before the changes take effect.

    Took a look a wine (windows emulator). Didn't start any of the three programs I tried. Most importantly delphi didn't start, but that was probably due to missing path configuration. I'll look into it later.

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