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Journal claudia's Journal: You are hereby invited..... 39

It's the official inauguration of the super-duper exclusive Slashdot Liar's Club. I am rolling out the red carpet and the front door has been christened with a bottle of Thunderbird.

Now, to begin. You get to tell as many lies as you want, but there must be one nugget of truth amongst them. Your fellow club members get to guess which one is true. The truth must be revealed within a week.

Being the gracious hostess that I am, I shall start:

1. I am Bethanie.
2. God doesn't just talk to George -- he talks to me, too, and this is what he had to say.
3. I am having an affair with Eric S. Raymond. Sorry to break it to you this way, sweetie, but I thought it would be easiest.
4. I love pickled herring.
5. I love Linux.

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You are hereby invited.....

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  • I love that picture! The Universe giving us the finger.

    Uhm, lies? You want lies?

    1. I have the greatest job on earth and am payed like a king.
    2. I'm the absolute ladykiller, I just have to shake off all those pesky girls wanting a date.
    3. I didn't light a signle cigar today.
    4. I'm actually Bethanie! I love letting out my female side that way.
    5. I actually lived out one of my serial killer fantasies this weekend.

    Enough for ya?

    • Hah! We all know it's #5! Just don't tell us about it, okay? :-)
    • My analysis of the situation,
      1. because you are always late, so its cant be that great.
      2. HAHA
      3. Maybe.
      4. Bethanie's writing style annoys me, yours does not so it can't be you.
      5. Maybe.

      I'll go with #3!
      • 1. I got reprimanded recently.... by the client. I now have to be at work around 9am, otherwhise I am in deep trouble. Reminds me I'd better go to bed. Well, the price they pay for it is that I do my 8 hours and that's it.... not a minute more.
        2. Why are you laughing? Haven't you seen how cute I really am?
        3. Maybe not...
        4. As a non-english speaker, I might just use the different writing styles I know from different languages. And I tell, ya, they differ a lot. On the other hand, you could also
  • I couldn't stand it if you were stepping out on me!
  • 1. I'm a direct descendant of the Goddess Amaterasu and the Japanese Imperial family.
    2. I found the world's best coffee, not in Hawaii or Indonesia, but in Connecticut.
    3. I wash my hair twice a day, with different shampoos for the different times of day.
    4. My secret vice is Michael Bolton. Call him a "no-talent assclown" at your own risk.
    5. I'm actually Bethanie, you lying punks.
  • 1. I think this is a really dumb idea.
    2. $$$exygal and I are the same person.
    3. I drive a '99 metalic green miata.
    4. I am a virgin.
    5. I am part latino.
    6. I don't understand what a MILF is.
    7. I used to work at a drycleaner.
    8. I was once falsely arrested for murder and was released the following day.
    9. I work for MS developing a left-handed operating system.
    10. This keyboard is really clean.
    11. I own a shirt that says "Geek" on it.
    12. I wear boxers.
    13. I am not wearing anything at all (at the time of this pos
    • 12. Definitely 12.
      • No, that's a half-truth. I wear boxer-breifs. You get great support without having a pick a side. You get nice colors that don't look weird as this tiny little speedo-sized thing like "regular" breifs. Everybody wins.

        Oh, and just a tip, don't wear boxers if you're going to ride horses a lot.
        • Hmmm....half-truth! Right.

          Do tell! Everyone knows not to wear boxers riding bareback. I noticed you didn't mention anything about a saddle being involved.
          • In your best Pinky (of " Pinky and the Brain") voice say "Burlap
            chafes me so".

            That's how wearing boxers feels when you're riding. I haven't ridden a motorcycle more than just a few miles here and there but I wouldn't be surprised if the same issue doesn't also apply.
    • though the thought that you're $$$exyGal is pretty funny.

      Guess my troll account!

  • I love the explanation of the photo at NASA:

    (e.g. it could be perceived as a superhero flying through a cloud, arm up, with a saved person in tow below).

    Umm... Yeah, sure, that's what we're all thinking it looks like.

    1. I've been going commando today.
    2. I am Surak
    3. I am Chacam
    4. I am Fort Knox
    5. I bought the correct washer for the faucet.
    6. I absolutely love David Caruso.
    7. South Park sucks.
    8. Em doesn't suck.
  • ...for those who've read my Journal, that is.

    1) I am a paid-up member of the I Love Bill Gates club.
    2) I've never been in trouble with the law.
    3) I wouldn't buy Dell if you put a gun to my head.
    4) I am Ars Fartsica
    5) I am Twirlip Of The Mists
    6) I love Barclays Bank!
    7) I can't get enough of the X-Men in my life.
    8) I love my Audi TT.
    9) sucks!

    Easy peasy! :-)
  • 1. Bethanie, Bethane, CmdrTaco and I are the same person.
    2. I love KDE so much I run it under Windows
    3. I once renamed windows commands such as del to their unix equivilents eg. rm, before I discovered Cygwin.
    4. I am a troll and run a secret trolling message board.
    5. I am the guy.
    6. I escaped from a big nightclub fire.
    7. I don't have a job and make my living sellig pirated software on ebay.

    Actually I think theres more than one truth in there :p have fun trying to figure it out.;)
  • 1. I 0WN J00 F00!!!
    2. I can't code.
    3. I have a motercycle lincense but I havn't rode yet.
    4. I own four cars
    5. Anime sux0rs
    6. I ate a gallon jar of pickles in two hours
    7. I wear combat boots
    8. I duel boot windows 2k and linux
    9. I made up my username from scratch
    10. I only have watched under a hundred movies in my life
    11. I am left handed
    12. I have never gone above 100 mph
    13. I only wear black clothes
    14. I run my own web server
    15. I sleep on a sofa
    16. I own a parakeet
    17. The parakeet says linux
    18. I snore
    • "Mr. NSA Guy," I like your devilish, devious diversion of the truth. I think you are telling mostly truths and only one lie. You have given a whole new meaning to the Liar's Club. I know you NSAers don't play fair, but that's okay.

      I'm guessing #23.
    • 8. I duel boot windows 2k and linux
      This makes me imagne a win2k knight and a linux knight in a medieval duel!
  • Well, now that this thread has *totally* gone stale, I have discovered it and get to make MY post!
    1. I am Chacham!
    2. I was voted "most feminist" in my H.S. Senior class.
    3. I never consult my dictionary when posting to Slashdot.
    4. I used to be a lesbian.
    5. Archangel Michael is my husband.

    Can you find the rose among the thorns? I dare ya!!

    (And this was a lot harder than I thought it would be -- I've revealed almost everything about me at one point or another... I'm easy to get to know like that, I guess.)


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