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Journal ahem's Journal: Been a long time

Hmm. Over a year since I wrote anything. What's changed since I plunked down that previous non-entry?

  1. I left my job as a database administrator/unix admin/manager in March of 2002 because I became excessively frustrated with management's attitude of "do everything with nothing."
  2. I rode in the 5 Borough Bike Ride in New York in May of 2002.
  3. I consulted for my previous employer after the guy they hired to backfill me had some serious issues with maintaining the stability and performanec of the database. Perhaps partly my fault for not building it out as close to the Oracle vanilla baseline as possible, but I had to tweak to try and make the performance numbers work.
  4. Conceived a second child with my wife, who is due in just about a month.
  5. Started a remodel which is just finishing up, only 9 months behind on a 6 month schedule. We lost two months looking for a contractor with a boiler license to do the radiator heat.
  6. Continuing to look for a job in the SF Bay Area. Check out Montcalm Software for my qualifications (such as they are).
  7. Started writing a book about a journey from obscurity to the World Series of Poker.
  8. Started learning Perl,Java,Postgres and PHP.

That's all off the top of my head. Maybe I'll discuss those topics more in other journal entries.

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