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Comment Re:Dissimilar markets (Score 1) 99

Also, per percentage of fires per number of units sold, Apple's products are significantly less likely to spontaneously catch fire. Hey don't flame me, it's actually true.

Although there is a difference between a product warning you to pull over and get out versus just exploding on your lap.

Comment Re:Hope it works... (Score 1) 12

Maybe this could allow for different form factor customizations. Think about how the phone part that requires FCC certification is a small brick completely encased in the equivalent of faraday cage except for where the external antenna plugs in. Then, this mechanism could create whatever kind of case/IO devices/instruments/ports/plugins where the comm brick just sits inside. Then you can have a slideout and a standard ribbon cable connects it, and this slide out sits on the bottom of a chassis that also hosts the display, camera, speaker, microphone, port array and whatever else you want. Think like the electric skateboard that all the different Tesla models are built on top of. Roadster, sedan, crossover, SUV doesn't matter. it all sits on the same skateboard that holds the important stuff for making the car move. Also could think of it as application engine and front-end UI, except as written in hardware.

Comment Re:They ruined what made it successful already. (Score 2) 87

Why is "Above" a douchebag just because they made a well reasoned conclusion based on clear-eyed observation of empirically verifiable data? I've seen similar examples and trends. I would tend to disagree with the conclusion that the motor is burnt out, but I do agree that LinkedIn has entered a different trajectory as far as growth and the value of being part of the network. As a hiring manager I still use it to kick off searches, but I rely much more on face to face networking & direct requests of my network.

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