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  • Is because of the rampant age and disability discrimination.

    • Politics is about discriminating. Short of the return of Christ, there just won't be sufficient resources to avoid making choices.
      And so politicians parley fears into votes. The Dems, in particular, seem to have glommed onto the notion of burning our culture to get votes, especially via abortion and variation on the symbol 'marriage'.
      The GOP seems to have settled on National Defense for its major vote market.
      Both sides of the Ruling Class Leviathan have ignored the debt, and gone hog wild with the defici
      • Lack of resources does not exist in fact. It is created by greed- the greed of a mother to not share the world with her child, resulting in abortion. The greed of the first world, against the third. The greed of the government against its citizenry.

        You can avoid making choices by being generous instead of greedy. It is that simple.

        • So much of the greed in practice is driven by spiritual vacuum. Into the public Godlessness, we see political figures driving envy via systemic 10th Commandment violations.
          Our real task is to offer people Christ as a proper fulfillment of that vacuum.
          The rest of the issues are peripheral.

We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. -- Larry Wall