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Journal fustakrakich's Journal: Rock, Paper, Scissors 44

Paper wins!

But not against the overwhelming hysteria. This is nuttier than the 50s. It's the "New and Improved" Birtherism! Now all white and shiny!

And as sure as the sun rises, I was reminded once again today to stop telling people to clean their own damn House. Eh, maybe I will, maybe I won't

Oh, and get the fuck out of Syria, and Afghanistan, and Niger, and...

How sad that nobody gives a shit about the wars anymore..

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

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  • The people pushing this crap need to go to jail.

    There have been ethical violations and I'm sure that some of it can have a criminal judgment put to it.

    Someone has to go to jail at this point.

    Either Trump's people or Hillary's people. Someone broke the law here and the axe should fall upon the guilty.

    • There is no need to lock up people who aren't dangerous. Taking away their power and turning your back would be sufficient to avoid future problems. In November we will find out what people want, not that we don't know already. This is the never ending story, where people do the same old bullshit with the same bad actors, expecting something different this time for sure.

      • I think they do have to go to jail. It creates a political consequence and fatality convictions will preclude many of these people from having any further role in anything in the government.

        If Trump violated the law and did some collusion with the russians which seems extremely unlikely... then he should go to jail.

        If it was the Hillary people and corrupt government officials creating a story out of nothing to bias an election... they should go to jail.

        This has gone on too far. This has had international re

        • Drunk driving is actually dangerous. So are stupid people that believe lies. The liar is a snake whose power comes from the audience, not the lie. Even the bible clearly states where sin originated. It wasn't the temptation. It was the failure to resist. It is the rewards of lying that make it so pervasive in this business. It's quite the paradox that people choose to believe the lie and punish the liar, but I do understand the primitive emotional, sexual appeal.

          • It isn't only lies... it is also what happened at the FBI, the State Department, the Justice Department... either they were right and Trump is a Russian agent... Or they're guilty of violating oaths, subversion of justice, lots of fraud, failure to disclose conflicts of interest... A book of violations can be thrown at them already.

            It is why we're seeing FBI personnel resign or be fired. They're getting caught. And not only are they not going to jail, they're getting their pensions.

            If you violate your oaths

            • We have to vote in a congress that will prosecute the lawbreakers. It just won't happen with the present bunch. They cannot touch each other. There's enough blackmail amongst them to take out the whole lot. We have to complete the first step first.

"There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress." -- Mark Twain