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Journal stevew's Journal: Well - the fat lady is almost singing!

It's April 13 - we own most of iraq except for part of Tikrit. There is a general problem with looting - this to shall pass. The French, Russians, and Germans held a shadow-summit this week, and proclaim that the UN (Read them) should have the paramount position in determining Iraq's fait. I don't think so. You didn't help solve the problem, you don't have anything worth contributing to establishing the peace! I'm getting REALLY tired of France's attitude!

Then there is the little thing being reported in the UK about the Russians having supplied Saddam with intel - and other things - talk about using both sides of your mouth! I have LOTS of friends that are russian -they all were troubled by the war, yet their own government seems to be at odds with the truth.

Finally - there was the fall of the statue, and all the Al Jazeera watchers found out that that news network lies! What a concept! Imagine that. The embeds were all telling the facts as they occured after all! NBC seems to have also had a bit of a change of heart AFTER Baghdad fell - they seem to be all patriotic now - wonder if it took poor David Bloom passing to bring home what was going on over there?
Yet ABC's coverage seems to have gotten worse?!?

Now we have to work doubly hard to bring a lasting peace to the people of Iraq - one where they run their own affairs -yet don't threaten any of their neighbors.

Times are indeed interesting.

"So why don't you make like a tree, and get outta here." -- Biff in "Back to the Future"