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Journal stevew's Journal: We're at war now

Well - we've been at war for a couple weeks - and it's been interesting to see the nation's reaction. We have a basic division of the populace who support or are against the war. The numbers are about 3 to 1 in favor at this point.

I'd also observe that the anti-war crowd look an awful lot like the anti-war crowd of the 60's. (I was alive then - unlike most of the /. bunch) and have a good memory of sit-ins/anti-war rallies, etc. But there is a couple of significant differences between then and now.

First, and perhaps most significant is the presence of the internet. These groups are organizing themselves on the net. It's also a fact that the groups who are the basis of this movement are actually communist. Those use to be fighting words - this is simply a fact! These groups like Red China, and think that Stalin was a great man?!? Amazing isn't it?!? Yet the Hollywood types go right along with these people and lend their celebrity to their message.

Another BIG difference between this war and Vietnam is that we know why we're there, and have a crystal clear objective. Back in the days of the Vietnam war - we just flailed about military without defining what would constitute victory. We also had the Presidenet and Secretary of Defense micro-managing the war. You don't see either of these issues present this time. We know why we're there (not for oil - go get an education if you think that is the case), what constitutes victory is well defined, and the President is leaving the war fighting to the generals. These are BIG differences.

Finally - I'm really getting SICK of the general lack of support of the military effort by the general press - with perhaps NBC being the worst.
Peter Arnett is a great example. The man should be tried for treason (go look at the constitution - he qualified!) Further, you always see the negative slant on the reports, operational pauses, repetition of the crap coming out of Baghdad, Highlighting mistakes, but ignoring the overwelming successes!


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