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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: the passing of a giant 7

Michael Clarke Duncan died today. Actor, celebrity bodyguard before that, and ditch digger before that.

Apparently he had a bad heart attack a month and a half ago, and while his GF 16 years his junior, Omarosa from The Donald's "The Apprentice", gave him CPR until paramedics arrived, it only extended his life a little bit to be lived out in an L.A. hospital until finally passing.

He wasn't a fat man, so it's prolly safe to assume that steroid usage was a contributing factor. He was 54.

I didn't first see him in "The Green Mile", but that's when I first took notice of him as an actor. Apparently he was in "Armageddon" and even one of the "Married with Children" episodes that I know I saw.

Being 6'5" and reportedly around 315 lbs, he was heeuge at the time. And not just from the camera angles in that movie.

I also remember him from:
The Whole Nine Yards - As Bruce Willis' assassin buddy (until the end, that is).
Planet of the Apes - As the seargent soldier ape or whatever.
The Scorpion King - Can't remember, except in a kick-ass fight scene with asshole (see his "Punked" episode) Dwayne Johnson.
The Slammin' Salmon - The manic restaurant owner in this "Waiting..." ripoff.

Other movies I saw that I don't remember him in:
Daredevil - Ben Affleck becomes a superhero.
Sin City - Mickey Rourke in a dark, comic book adaptation.

Already released movies I haven't seen that he's in that I want to see:
The Island - Dystopian future tale.

Stuff he's been in that I don't ever want to see:
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - I don't like Will Ferrell.
A Night at the Roxbury - I hate that other SNL guy, the monkey-boy, even more.
Friday - I can't stand Chris Tucker ever since "The Fifth Element".

Note that for actors, it is their on-screen persona that I like if they're a fave of mine, not necessarily the kind of person they really are. For example apparently he went vegetarian in 2009 and began partnering with PETA to do anti- meat consumption messages. It prolly didn't help his health any to suddenly deprive his body of muscle-replenishing protein.

p.s. I also saw him on the periodically Sandra Bullock produced (and occasionally appearing in) George Lopez TV sitcom, as a wise-cracking dentist.

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the passing of a giant

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  • Well! That certainly says a lot about you... So much that I need say no more.

    Good show!

    • I had a friend die a couple months ago - about the same age - due to congenital heart issues. He was in great health. Sometimes there are just flaws that express themselves in a terminal fashion at a seemingly random point.

      • Yeah, and another semi-famous dude, Stallone's kid, died of heart failure a short time ago, at 36... Had to be steroids, or drugs (you know... bein' all liberal Hollywood 'n stuff).. NOT... turned out to be clogged arteries according to the released autopsy report. If anybody is ever up on drug charges in his neighborhood, I pray that our host here is never allowed on the jury. That's just sad to see people who show signs of distress automatically be labeled as 'under the influence', as so often happens. Th

        • This is just another horrible result of our absurd puritanical prohibitions.

          It is hard to believe in "puritanism" when American TV and Cinema are very sensual and often downright pornographic. And the Internet is _full_ of pornography. And the only forbidden form of pornography is child pornography; hardcore pornography, incestuous pornography, rape simulations, bestiality, sadomasochism are all legal, and often considered harmless.

          There may be a couple of chaste people in America, but they surely don't exp

          • It's that famously out-of-whack sense of proportionality on the Left. As long as there's even 1% modesty left in America, that makes us a nation of puritans.

            I still remember a former Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elders, saying America was too prudish. (She wanted to teach masturbation in the schools.) And this wasn't exactly the Leave It To Beaver 1950's in America at the time; she was a President Bill Clinton appointee.

            • It's that famously out-of-whack sense of proportionality on the Left. As long as there's even 1% modesty left in America, that makes us a nation of puritans.

              True. The Left demands 100% conformity. This manifests itself in other areas.
              For example, if there is _one_ bread&breakfast that does not allow two men in the same bed, then it is a human rights violation.

              • "The Left demands 100% conformity."

                Because they know better than anyone how tolerance of diversity and being liberal about things alows for the possibility for change. Because that's how they've made the progress they've made so far. And just as you can't con a con artist, the Left sure as heck isn't going to allow themselves to lose their gains in the very ways that they made them. I.e. the only Leftist who is not totalitarian is one who hasn't matured in thought about it.

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