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Journal chill's Journal: Stupid Mistakes #1 2

I've been having no end of problem with glitches in streaming media when the media is stored on the server in my basement. Wired connections are fine, but then again they are all GigE. Wireless-G has been flaky.

I'd spent hours tweaking QoS on my wireless AP to prioritize streaming media to no avail. It always worked for my VoIP phone, so I couldn't figure out why it wasn't for streaming video and audio.

I finally just dumped some packets and figured out why. I post this here for posterity.

Repeat after me: "SMB over TCP is NOT a streaming protocol". Not as far as QoS default labels are concerned.

Sigh. That is what I get for assuming I knew the Linksys definition of "streaming media". SMB over TCP is what is used for remote network shares like the Samba instance my in-home media server runs.

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Stupid Mistakes #1

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  • Way back in my dorm network days, people regularly banned others for streaming from them instead of downloading the file and opening it locally.

    I'm not sure if CIFS or versions of windows past 95 deal with it any better.

    • by chill ( 34294 )

      Yeah, and that is still the rule at my house. It is why I rip all the DVDs and music to a local server. Netflix is nice, but with 6 people in the house potentially all online at once, putting everything "in the cloud" is a pipe dream.

      Unless I pack up and move to Kansas City for Google's new 1,000/1,000 service w/1 Tb of storage. :-) That's almost exactly what I have at home for a LAN.

      Once a month I swing by Walmart and browse the $5 DVD bin for anything I might want to add to the collection. This way I don

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