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Journal SJS's Journal: You'd Think I'd Learn 3

I've been using Amazon for a long time.

You'd think I'd learn not to trust Amazon.

Don't get me wrong. They have an amazing amount of stuff at very nice prices, and what they don't have, their affiliates have.


Every time I buy something from Amazon, I check all the little boxes I see to indicate I don't want to be emailed anything. And every time, shortly after my purchase is completed, I start getting spam from Amazon (rather, unsolicited commercial email that I *suspect* is bulk-sent, but haven't verified). It's annoying, because it's getting through the hole I have in the spam filters that allow *legitimate* email from Amazon about my order to get to me.

Is it onerous? Not really.

It's just annoying. And it demonstrates just how much the people at Amazon despise their customers.

Eventually, I get annoyed enough to make it stop, but that's something I really shouldn't ought to have to do, so I resolve to take my money elsewhere. And I do, for awhile, and then someone I trust will kindly inform me that Amazon has changed, they're more respectful and not at all spammy anymore. So I relent, because the promise of reform plus the lure of convenience overcomes my stubbornness... and discover that no, Amazon is still run by scum.

You'd think I'd learn.

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You'd Think I'd Learn

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  • I don't think I ever get spam from Amazon.

    • Same here. Been ordering from them since the dotcom era, and only order and shipped confirmation emails.

      • by SJS ( 1851 )

        And yet, nevertheless, I get near-daily email from Amazon to the email address I provided only to Amazon, offering to sell me things I don't want or need.

        Do I assume it's personal? Perhaps I annoyed someone at Amazon at some time in the past...

        (That's actually too paranoid, even for me.)

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