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Submission + - The PHP Singularity (

An anonymous reader writes: Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror has a post about the awfulness of PHP — or, rather, a post about posts about the awfulness of PHP. He points out that PHP has been the whipping boy for the developer community for years, and while everybody seems happy to complain about it, nobody seems willing to do anything about it. He writes, 'From my perspective, the point of all these "PHP is broken" rants is not just to complain, but to help educate and potentially warn off new coders starting new codebases. Some fine, even historic work has been done in PHP despite the madness, unquestionably. But now we need to work together to fix what is broken. The best way to fix the PHP problem at this point is to make the alternatives so outstanding that the choice of the better hammer becomes obvious.'

Submission + - Linux grabs its single biggest win (

jaysunn writes: "Takeaway: The U.S. Navy and Dept. of Defense have learned valuable lessons that translate to huge contracts for the Linux OS. What does this mean for open source and the community that drives it? Jack Wallen offers his take.

Northrop Grumman Transformational Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system. Ever hear of it? It’s a U.S. Navy drone, otherwise known as the MQ-8B Fire Scout. Why is it significant? Because recently the Navy decided to drop the Windows operating system that was running in favor of Linux. And just why did they drop the previous operating system?

A virus."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How would you install temporary bandwidth in a remote location? (

Chris.Nelson writes: "I have a friend in the media room at the Windham World Cup mountain bike race. The mountain is in a rural area with fairly limited Internet bandwidth but suddenly there are a hundred journalists trying to post photo and video of the event, not to mention thousands of spectators walking around with Wi-Fi enabled smart phones. Of course they can lock down the access points and prioritize traffic but a better answer would be to boost their bandwidth. The ISP doesn't have the pipes so another channel seems to be called for.

I've seen cell carriers bring temporary/mobile cells to fairs and festivals where there is a short-term burst of users. How would you do the same thing for a short-term burst of Internet users? The satellite Internet providers I've researched don't seem to have very big pipes either."


Submission + - The iPhone Went on Sale 5 Years Ago Today (

An anonymous reader writes: On June 29, 2007, the first iPhone hit stores, almost six months after Steve Jobs announced it. Along with it came the original, craziest, most over-the-top lines of iPhone-crazy consumers at Apple Stores. It's easy to make fun of these people. But their reaction to Apple's first smartphone holds up better than that of experts who declared that it would fail.

Comment Is the Razr prior art? (Score 2) 326

The Motorola Razr -- both the original flip phone and the current smart phones -- have a design that is thicker where it needs to be and thin elsewhere to conserve weight and volume. Not really a wedge but similar. Perhaps non-Apple ultrabook makers could adopt that thin-with-a-bump design. It's easier to grip, too.

Submission + - Does anything today work like Lotus Agenda?

Chris.Nelson writes: Does anyone remember Lotus Agenda ( It was a sort of free-text personal data mining tool that let you take random notes that it organized and/or searched for you.

What I'm looking for is something like it to keep a garden journal. I want to be able to enter "The roses bloomed today" or "Planted gladiolus" and later be able to ask the system "When do my roses usually come up?" or "When did I last mulch" or "Do the lilies or the peonies bloom first?" A wiki or blog tool almost works but the data isn't really self organizing the way Agenda's was. Any recommendations?

Comment Waterproof, not hyper-shielded (Score 1) 505

That bulky cable going into the thing on his lap is waterproof, oil-proof, vibration-resistant and possibly Kevlar-jacketed. No doubt there's some shield but not very much more than COTS cables. Military Ethernet switches (e.g., are filled with resin to protect them from the harsh environment but not don't have any extra shielding.

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