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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: A clarification 2

I am not a Windows troll.

I have read my older entries and realized I have aged and become less crazy about principles like I once was. I guess I view machines as tools now to get work done. In addition, from day one I hate people who choose to become zealots, and wear rose colored glasses with their heads in the sand to appear cool. This is true with GNU and Linux zealots as well. Dumb people or ill informed are one thing. No one but God knows everything about anything. However, ignorance with a smile is something totally different that does a great diservice to yourself and everyone around you. People need to learn and adapt to better themselves.

My views on Windows and Microsoft has shifted because they do good work in attacking bugs and being part of the security community. Also, I have given up on Linux for good as of March of last year when Gnome 3 and unity was coming out. IE 9 and Firefox 4 also came out with full hardware acceleration for Windows only. Windows 7 is MUCH MORE secure than its previous versions. I stand by my earlier principles. XP and IE 6 and 7 SUCK. But we should commend people or organizations that change and rightfully condemn those who do the opposite.

Instead of evangalizing people on Linux I choose to tell them to upgrade or get a Mac. My exwife was correct in wondering why I spend so much time reconfiguring computers with weird operating systems when her Vista box just works. I can't argue and I can't think of any non server related thing Windows can't do anymore. 1999 is over folks. Its time to move on.

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A clarification

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  • I have aged and become less crazy about principles like I once was

    Do you instead mean your principles have changed to be about things less crazy to have strong principles over? As I've aged, I've become *more* crazy about principles. But they've never been about such mundane things as computer operating systems -- I've never fallen victim to the Marxist nerd fantasy I guess that computer software is some kind of epic battleground of good vs. evil. LOL

    • I like the idea of free software, but as I have bills now and want to succeed in life I understand the value of products I once condoned such as Windows. People have jobs to do and they pay me to support.

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