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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Every browser is *still* broken. 17

After 15 years, we still don't have an un-b0rked browser. CSS 2.1 was done in 1997, and yet firefox, opera, chrome, arora - they all render differently for non-trivial layouts.

15 years, and they still can't get the basics right. It means that the problem is not the implementation, but the underlying concepts that are flawed in fundamental ways.

And there's no blaming Microsoft or Apple for this fiasco.

No, we did this to ourselves. We're all suckers. The people setting the standards did it wrong, and we didn't immediately stone them to death, salt their fields, enslave their families for the next 3 generations, and all that other "Carthage must die!" goodness.

So we have let ourselves become slaves to stupidity.

What a waste of time, energy, brain cells, and just general aggravation. Have fun with html5 + css3, folks - you'll never see it finished in your lifetime, not even if you live for another 100 years.

Apple has it right - apps, not a stupid one-size-fits-nada web browser. Just like they have it right about not releasing stuff until it's good and ready.

Stupid browsers. Stupid us.

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Every browser is *still* broken.

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  • Just like they have it right about not releasing stuff until it's almost, but not quite, good and ready.

    Apple are notorious public beta testers. Original release always sucks in at least one non-trivial way. The first point release is always swift and much closer to a finished product.
    • All I know is that everyone I know is switching en masse to Apple, because everyone I know who has already switched is very, very happy.

      Maybe they've been lucky, but nobody seems to want a Windows machine any more, nobody wants an Android smartphone, nobody wants an Android or Windows tablet. It's all iPhones and iPads and iMacs.

      If Microsoft thinks that being able to create "crapplications" in Windows 8 using html and css is going to change that, they're wrong - it's already at least 2 years to late.

      • Indeed, and if you dare to tell an Android fan that he needs to stop thinking outside his bubble and look at what's happening in the world, you get gems like "but I am a nerd, I think like a nerd and I'm supposed to". I'd say, no, as a nerd you're supposed to have a certain amount of intelligence (I won't dare to say empathy), so you can see that what is good for you isn't for everyone else.

        When I bring up the (manufacturer) support issue on iOS versus Android they tell me that you can upgrade a 3 year old

  • Apple didn't start out right either. They didn't want apps on the iPhone. They wanted everything to be web based. And it was universally seen by geeks as a stupid idea, but Apple didn't care. They did what Steve wanted.

    But what Apple does best is learn from their mistakes, and they always deliver what their least competent users want. So Apple did a 180 and started promoting the hell out of apps. They did it out of greed (the app store is damn profitable, after all); coincidentally, it was technically

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