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Journal Barbara, not Barbie's Journal: Ubuntu TV, meet the Lenovo 55" Android Ice Cream Sandwich TV 1

For several years, Canonical has been a day late and a dollar short when it comes to shipping real products. There were the Ubuntu Android devices announced almost 3 years ago, the switch to a tablet interface for the non-existent Ubuntu tablet and smartphone market (causing many current Ubuntu users to switch to Mint or Debian), and now Ubuntu TV, quickly thrown together using 3rd-party code, which Canonical claims will ship by the end of the year, despite not having a single manufacturer lined up.

At the same show, Lenovo raised the barrier to entry into the TV market with an 55" Android Ice Cream Sandwich TV. Comes with a built-in webcam, remote with microphone (for voice recognition) touch pad (for swiping, etc) and motion sensors (so you can use it like a Wiimote) ... and an extra game controller.

Canonical abandoning their "Android Execution Environment" for "The Search For More Bling" was a serious mistake. If you're going to offer the next generation of linux-based TVs or tablets, you need more than a pretty (inter)face. If you don't have Android support, you're simply not in the game.

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Ubuntu TV, meet the Lenovo 55" Android Ice Cream Sandwich TV

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  • Actually it's an old 42 inch Trinitron I bought ten years ago, with an S-Video cable and RCA audio cables coming from a computer I built from junk that's running kubuntu (I hate Gnome). I controll it with a wireless mouse and when necessary, wireless keyboard that usually sits up on a shelf.

    And with this setup, who needs a radio? I just sent a nasty email off to a local station berating them for using Silverlight, how stupid can people be? It's the only web site I've ever seen that requires it, they think I

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