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Journal gmhowell's Journal: The best thing about trolling APK? 62

The best thing about trolling APK? Sometimes I want to read an article a few days later when more discussion has occurred. If I put a reply in it, APK will helpfully respond to it. Next time I login, there is a convenient reminder in my message list.

Thanks Alex!

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The best thing about trolling APK?

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  • but nobody loves / hates me enough to do that for me!

    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      It's not too hard to get apk to bug you like that.

      But seriously, I may stop. While looking for links to bug him with, it seems that he did a bit of programming back in the 90's or so. He was risible, but not overly so. Something happened around 2000, and he seems to have snapped. I could nail it down more, but I've got better stuff to do .

  • I thought he was Barbie's bugbear.

    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      I bugged him enough over the months, particularly when babs was dealing with Alex and eyesight issues.

      What's gonna be REALLY funny is if he starts stalking this guy in PA he thinks is me.

      I must say though, I'm really surprised that he's posting this racial crap. Between that and calling barbie a 'transtesticle' (without a hat tip to Andrew Dice Clay even) in her latest blog, it looks like he's losing it moreso than usual.

      Hmm... Maybe oughta lay off for a while. I'm not worried if he shows up here or at my p

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