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Thursday and Gandhi is still in Hell.

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  • But never the Church itself- which would grant Ghandi the concept of invincible ignorance. []

  • I'm not sure what you are trying to get at, other than you think that this is not good.

    What would be a better view for him to take? That there is no hell? Or if there has to be one that only Hitler, Stalin and other "really bad" people are there?

    If he's consistent with his theology then he may just be reaching a conclusion that is unavoidable for him. And I can really understand abhorrence with the idea of hell existing at all but not a view that it's o.k. if it exists but that determination of who goes the

    • Was posted without want of philosophical/religious discussion. I was simply posting about a co-workers over-zealous pseudo-rant about a former evangelical minister who was fired by his flock because he agreed with a recent book - by another evangelical minister - that floats the idea of No Hell. I thought "Gandhi is in Hell" is just plain silly... that's all.

      It would have read better if I posted:

      I missed Thursday... but, (according to my Evangelical Co-Worker) Gandhi (yes, THAT Gandhi) is still basking in

      • I take everything too seriously, everywhere.

        I don't like the idea of anyone going to hell myself. Not even the bad folks.

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