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Journal DaytonCIM's Journal: Wednesday is Pain Day 10

2 Taekwondo classes last night - 240 minutes of kicking, punching, running, stretching... getting kicked and punched and run over. And I pay for this. Voluntarily...

It has become painfully obvious that my 40-year-old body is NOT as resilient as my 25-year-old body. Having a very difficult time walking this morning. And I pay for this. Happily.

I hope that my Master holds testing next week, so I can earn a belt promotion, because it's always fun to start on new poomses and kicking techniques... plus the green belt just looks cool!

I downloaded Will Wheaton's collection of podcasts last night. Got through 3 on the 55 freeway this morning... saving judgement until I get through at least 3 more.

Did I mention that I (and the wifey) gave up all meat (save fish) for Lent? I am sooooooooo craving a Double Double(TM) this morning. Come Easter Sunday afternoon, I will be deep, deep, deep into a meat coma.

One week until Baseball and I am NOT at all hopeful about my Angels. I don't think they'll see playing time in October and Jared "Sunshine" Weaver is counting down to Free Agency. (Side-note: when Sunshine shines with another team, I get a VERY nice bottle of Middletons Whiskey.)

On tap today:
1. Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come
2. Solomon Burke - The Very Best Of Solomon Burke
3. Barbara Morrison - Live at the 9:20 Special

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Wednesday is Pain Day

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  • Just recently heard Burke's "None of us are free". Any recommendations for exploring his works?
    • The man did not make a bad song...

      Cry To Me is amazing.
      Everybody Needs Somebody to Love has been recorded a billion times... he changed it many times over the years. And of course the Blues Brothers used it in the 70s.

      My personal favorite is Can't Nobody Love You. I've got a live recording from 71 or 72 that is simply magical...

      I would start with the Very Best of... find what you like on there and then start picking decades... :)

  • Man! Leela was HOT at Yoshi's SF, Valentine's day!

    I am still recovering.

    • Niiice.

      Speaking of hot, I'm going to see Holly Zell Jurgensen tonight at Steamers in Fullerton. I can't wait for Leela to come back to SoCal... in the meantime, I do have my tickets for Lauryn Hill's show on the 18th in LA.

      • Grins.

        I don't know Holly, but your other choices make a case for her recommendation. Gonna look her up.

        Lauryn? Staying educated, no doubt. Enjoy.


        You prolly know this site - check out anyway:
        http://www.soul-patrol.com/ [soul-patrol.com]

        • Holly is jazz, not soul. Great legs and great *cough* vocal range. :) On the jazz tip: if you get the chance check out my friend Barbara Morrison... she is amazing. funny. brilliant. And puts on quite the show...


  • I'm going to catch the third game of the Rays opening series against Baltimore. It's an afternoon game, so the family and I can shoot over to Tampa, watch the game, and be home in time for the kids to go to bed.

    I've never listened to any of the Wil Wheaton podcasts - I'm interested in hearing what you think of them.

  • Only 1 week until baseball? Its not even April. WTF?

    • They're starting early this year so the World Series doesn't go into November (to avoid weather issues). And, by the way, the season starts on a Thursday...

      • I think that might be the dumbest thing I have heard all day. And I just sat through managers meeting today.

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