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Bunch of software pirates and spammers

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  • There is no such domain. And apparently there never was, as Googling for that name in quotes only returns your JE. Interestingly with a URL of "". (And showing up in the Google search results within only half an hour of posting it.)

    I'm guessing some Slashdot algorithm decided to munge the domain name you typed and to categorize your JE as product shilling?

    • It's attempting website link evasion! IT MUST BE A SHILL!

    • MY Fail- it's [], got the name of their company backwards.

      • Well a company whose domain name clearly indicates that they sell stolen software, *would* be "obviously a bunch of pirates"! ;)

        Just wondering if you're the one putting the spaces between the "www" and the "com" in the text of your JE.

        • Yes. I didn't want it obscufated away- and also didn't really intend for this to turn into a link above. Yeah new slashdot.

          I think they've posted enough links to their site on []- a recent article and comments on the last 40 articles.....and since I watch nearly every article from that site, I got e-mail notifications from every last one.

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