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Journal Short Circuit's Journal: Hey, I found the "write in journal" link! 8

Hey, for anyone who still reads this. Rosetta Code's doing awesome, content-wise, and we're starting to implement Semantic MediaWiki. (To what end? Not sure. I've got a couple ideas, but I'm more an opportunist than a front-end planner.) I've also been shooting a bunch of photos and putting them up online--even photos that aren't cosplay, if you can imagine that. (Which you probably can; I doubt many who read this were following me on Flickr back when I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta for the first time in 2007. If you want to read what I'm really thinking, either follow me on Multiply, or see the same stuff over on LiveJournal--but get your adblock armor up; it's a scary place. I'm also on Twitter, if you really care. I'm a minimal participant, really.

If I show up as a fan for you here, I do read your journals; the My Amigos RSS feed is still useful.

Why this collection of links to me at other places? Easy; I know there are still some of you here who never showed up in those other places, and I miss the interactions. I'd post my blogs here, too, but Slashdot has relegated itself to an incredible degree of backwater status. I was lucky to find the "Write in Journal" link. I'm tempted to find some Perl script to have it suck in blog posts via RSS, and post them to Slashdot. (That's how I'm inducting my blog posts into Facebook, too.)

I miss what this place used to be. I miss the people this place used to have. I still see some of them on two or three other social networks, and some of the bonds there are tighter than they ever were here, but there's still a bunch of you missing.

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Hey, I found the "write in journal" link!

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  • by Chacham ( 981 )

    I was lucky to find the "Write in Journal" link

    Same here. The slashdot redesign made me want to participate even less.

    • At least it's better than it was. They used to use JavaScript to extend the list of displayed journals, so every time I went to click on that link, it jumped out of reach. Reminds me of those old JScript joke pages that said "Click OK to clear this message box"--and then moved the button every time your mouse got over it.

      • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

        I think the odds are about even that the "scroll down to load more" script is broken rather than intentionally disabled.

        If it's broken, odds are about even that it'll never get fixed, so I'm not sure there's really a difference.

        • by Chacham ( 981 )


          luckily, i use the old links to list JEs. the newer listing is nearly unusable.

  • If you go to [] it is the old user page goodness. Has all the old features you're used to :-)

    I actually kicked around Rosetta Code the other day. It's pretty sweet! I'm hoping to try and get into coding again, but that's kind of predicated on time :-)
    • The real trouble is, if I can't easily post in one place and have it automatically crosspost everywhere else it needs to be, it's not worth the time. As is, Multiply crossposts to LJ, which gets sucked into a couple planets and Facebook. Unless /. actually added a useful feature, I don't think there's a way to pull in posts from somewhere else and have that come in as my journal. And there aren't any crossposting services I've touched that know Slashdot exists...

  • I also miss the old circle community. I signed in to multiply, but I don't think I caught many of the dotters on it, and I don't go there often enough to really stay in the loop. I still read journals here, though they are fewer every day.

    In fact, I actually see you on reddit more than I see most anyone else. I friended you there so your posts stick out. Reddit doesn't quite have the right functionality to make up for the old /. circle, but I like it for what it does.

    • You should sign back into Multiply. I might be able to reconcile your Slashdot friends/foes with people I know on there. Otherwise, I could add you to the "Circular Refuge" group, where you could say, e.g. "Hey, pythorlh here. Where are you guys?" and get reconnected.

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