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Journal Nyder's Journal: made me his foe. 2

I got a foe. sweet.

I wonder what I did to make me his foe? Was I an ass? Did I point out something he was doing that was stupid?

Or is he religious and doesn't like my views on how peeps who believe in them are stupid dumb ass people who shouldn't breathe the air we have?
Or maybe he works for MS and doesn't like that I bash them, because they deserve it?
Or maybe, just maybe, he got butthurt over a comment I did, and decided to get revenge the only way he could, by making me a foe?

And now that I am his foe (this is my first foe, i think), what do I do? Do I invite him to parties and give him the wrong date/address?
Do I have to send him Holiday cards (postage due, of course)?

Well, i'm new to all this, but yes, I accept your Foe challenge.

Do we dual or something? Maybe play some hardcore online scrabble?

Anyways, let me know what I did to make you my foe, so I can keep doing it.


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  • Maybe he's using it to auto-moderate your comments. I have my preferences configured to add +1 to my foes and +2 to my friend's comments. If I add someone to my foes list it's because I like their posts and want them to be above my comment threshold. I wish I had more than two categories to put people into so I could add +3 to some peoples posts. Beyond that, I find the whole friends and foes thing to be useless. I don't know of anyone else in real life the reads this web site.

    • by Nyder ( 754090 )

      lol, didn't think about it that way.

      I wasn't worried about it. Was just trying to be funny about it. =)

      I like it when peeps get offended by what I say, means I'm doing something right. =)

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this-- no dog exchanges bones with another. -- Adam Smith