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Journal daemonburrito's Journal: D2 still broken? 4

I haven't changed my settings in years, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but it appears that I can no longer read at -1. I'm hoping this is a bug, or that the ui lost me again...

If this is meant to be a feature, slashdot just lost something that made it unique. This would be seriously bad, slashdot-ending bad. How many great posts bottom out before being seen by sane moderators? Ah... Maybe that's it. Can people with mod points browse at -1? That would still be a bad idea.

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D2 still broken?

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  • D2's sliders seem to be working ok for me. Go to an article with less than 100 comments or so (or else the jscript takes half an hour) and if you've got the sliders set to be at the top of the article horizontally, drag the right slider all the way to the right.

    Also, D2 is perpetually broken on idle. Just take the "idle." off the url and it'll de-idleize it and start working again.

    • You have to use the keyboard shortcuts: the ","(comma) and "["(left bracket) keys to move both sliders to the bottom.. "."(period) and "]"(right bracket) for moving them up. That sets the limits you can drag the sliders with the mouse... Found out by accident

    • Hmm. It crashes when I toggle the position. "user_is_anon" is undefined. In its present position (side), the sliders don't work as expected (but it doesn't crash). The onclick event that tells D2 to lower the threshold by one seems to be bottoming out at 1. user_is_anon is, in fact, defined in the comments-minified script, but that's all the debugging I'm inspired to do at the moment...

      The toggle position bug is probably a red herring, not sure if it would work for me even if I could move it.

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