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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: I blame Lysol for the antibacterial frenzy we're in now. 5

Especially after seeing the commercial they're running now. "Did you know that there are germs everywhere, including on the bottle of liquid soap?" Why yes, Lysol, I did. I knew there are germs on top of the soap dispenser. But you see, after I put my hand on top of the soap dispenser, soap is dispensed into my other hand and I WASH MY HANDS WITH SOAP. Holy crap, people. Unless you've got an automatic faucet, you probably pick more germs up from turning off your faucet than you would from the pump on the soap dispenser.

That word looks wrong. You know when you say or write something multiple times and it just looks wrong? The number '1' looks and sounds wrong at the end of my shift because I say it so much. Whatever. Back to my rant.

Lysol kills germs. That's fine. Except that telling people there are germs on their liquid soap bottle on the spot they use to dispense soap isn't really a useful observation. And really, there didn't need to be a 'fix' for that for consumers. Life wasn't meant to be lived in a sterile operating theater. it was meant to be lived alongside and in opposition to the rest of the living things that live around us.


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I blame Lysol for the antibacterial frenzy we're in now.

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  • That way if the microbes adapt, we will just need to boost the temperature of the plasma or modulate the frequency in a way that disrupts their adaption.
  • I totally agree.

    I've caught my fair share of colds, but I've also adapted.

    This isn't a Lysol only phenomena. Consider the medical field. "You're sick, come get drugs".

    The corporations try to get us to sterilize and over medicate to the point where our immune systems is a throwback to ancient times, but it leaves us stuck dependent on cleaner manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. I avoid both as much as possible. I don't get any sicker th

    • I noticed that Lysol had changed their advertising to say something to the effect of "... kills 99% of germs, including Swine Flu ..." Bastards, marketing through fear.

      I think if any rational person sat down and thought about the claims and the fear that Lysol is instilling in people about microbes, they'd come to the same conclusions. But as was said in MIB: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

      I just got riled up at Lysol specifically for promoting the sterilizat

      •     As I find it, the number of rational people in the world are far outnumbered by the irrational advertising brainwashed masses.

            But hey, you did hear about the news about the slightly embarrassing Republican fundraising methodology. The general population are idiots and swayed easily through lies and fear.

        • LOL; it would be funnier if it weren't so true.

          It irritates the crap out of me, though. My entertainment this weekend so far has been a Regretsy post calling out this crazy woman on etsy who's been reselling (against the rules) and then went all apeshit and posted this lovely rant [] as her shop announcement. The chatter on facebook is even more entertaining, but you have to be a fan of "Regretsy" to see it. Basically, this woman's been on Dr. Phil for anger issues, she's tried (and failed) to be a model and a

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