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Journal Greyfox's Journal: Obama Needs to Bring Chicago to DC 1

Invite the top Democrats in for a spaghetti dinner and give them (verbatim) the Al Capone teamwork speech from "The Untouchables." Baseball bat at all. You know the guy he stops at when he gets to the end will feel pretty damn uncomfortable...

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Obama Needs to Bring Chicago to DC

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  • As long as Obama then gets arrested by the FBI and get sent to the big house for tax evasion.

    I'm just heckling, but the truth here is that a bunch of Democrat congressmen in delicately balanced districts don't want to commit political suicide. Fear of getting brained by a baseball bat might keep them in line for a few months, but fear won't help keep a bunch of hairy Republicans from getting elected in 2010 and maybe a Republican president in 2012.

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