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Journal MrHanky's Journal: This site is filled to the brim with utter morons 1

There used to be a time when Slashdot was for geeks with more than a passing interest in computers. People who wanted to understand their computers, not just have it Just Work (tm) so they wouldn't need to. Not your regular gadget addicts, consumers and fashion victims. That's something like ten years ago. These days, you have a bunch of pretensious morons who believe running 'apt-get update' on a Debian system might break something. And they post it early, to get modded up. And they are, since most of the moderators have no fucking clue.

I spent all my five points modding these idiots down. What a waste.

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This site is filled to the brim with utter morons

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  • ... because it's likely one of these idiots, or someone just like him, will be up the management chain from you.

    There have always been plenty of stupid people on /. and like anything else, the signal-to-noise ratio will tend to decrease over time (the second law of thermodynamics applies to web sites as well), but /. is still worth following, IMO.

    Let's face it, it's not Digg. Not even close.

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