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Journal LiquidCoooled's Journal: Nokia N900, liqbase, open source and onedotzero

For the last couple of months I have been working on a secret project which involved using liqbase to create an interactive controller on the new Nokia N900 which was used at last weeks onedotzero adventures in motion festival.
This involved getting to know the device and its capabilities and making sure we were able to give the best experience possible.

Its been quite a ride and together with the guys at Nokia, Weiden & Kennedy and Karsten Schmidt from Postspectacular we pulled off an impressive digital feat!
The Identity is an incredible ultra widescreen 3d message with flowing ribbons of text taken from tweets and messages and can be manipulated and controlled by the N900 device. It was a sight to behold everyone who played with it did so with a massive smile on their faces!
The onedotzero festival is a collaborative coming together of creatives, digital artists, executives and technical folks and hope the connections everybody made will continue far into the future.
This installation took place at the BFI on Londons Southbank and will continue now on its tour around the world, hopefully evolving and growing in strength.
The Nokia device performed flawlessly, allowing the public to smoothly control Karstens vision and everyone left everyone with a smile on their faces!

Amongst the excitement and buzz there was a more humble symbolic achievement, this onedotzero application the first liqbase application to reach 1.0 status. Those following my work will realise how proud I am of this moment :)

There were exciting new applications discovered and different inventive ways of working which the Nokia N900 device will allow us to achieve.
I came away excited about the future and hope the connections we made will expand and prove fruitful in the future.

Whilst at the festival, Nokia also unveiled a new initiative called the Nokia Push N900.
A bunch of hardware hackers from tinker.it were given a brief of making inventive applications using the Nokia N900 device and the team did not disappoint coming up with some cool hacks - from a speak and spell which sent text messages, to a view master 3d and even an old school radio and a rolodex linked to the local contacts on the device - they looked like they had a great time creating these examples, but that is only the start - they want YOUR ideas for inventive hacks and if chosen, the best will be displayed in flagship Nokia stores around the world, so hardware hackers - get involved and make a proposal!

Video overview here:

Photos from the amazing 3d identity software Karsten created:

onedotzero info, find out whether it will be coming to a city near you

liqbase information:

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Nokia N900, liqbase, open source and onedotzero

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