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Journal Zarf's Journal: Why aren't Journals just like blogs? 3

I stopped writing in my journal regularly because over the last few years I've moved to using my blog more. The blog has even lead to me contributing to several articles to an industry magazine. Now, maybe my writing is better... or maybe that would never happen in a journal.

Why? Why aren't journals more like blogs? Why doesn't journal publication naturally lead to the kinds of connections that blog entries do? Is slashdot just like facebook in that respect? Is /. a walled garden?

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Why aren't Journals just like blogs?

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  • Is slashdot just like facebook in that respect?

    Whoa, there. I know FB's got plenty of problems, but it's still way more web-friendly than journalspace.

    Is /. a walled garden?

    From what I've read of the FAQ/gleaned from Taco's few comments on the subject, this is entirely the point and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I'm still a little on the fence about it, as I see the positives and the negatives of the situation, but the truth is, it's 2009, and a tech-savvy site like slashdot really coul
    • by Zarf ( 5735 )

      Hmm... there's a company called DZone [] they're based down the road from me. They seem to be going for a /. type community centered around software developers. This looks like one of the sub-communities that Slashdot serves. I find myself spending more time there. Slashdot feels arcane by comparison.

      The major difference with DZone is that they do publish "journal" articles but these are community centric [] and contributors professional profiles are prominently presented.

      So really, what I see is that /. remains

      • /. can also be another place to be serious *plus* not the place to build your reputation. For example I don't post under a pseudonym here because I'm playing, I do it so that I can talk about a wide range of things without it affecting my real reputation.

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