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Anybody want to split a five pack of openmoko phones in Melb

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  • Thanks Michael :)

    I'm not in Melbourne but Perth but as far as shipping costs go its the same thing compared to the cross pacific costs (I looked into getting one of these a while ago but balked at paying ~45% extra in shipping.)

    Anyway, here's an obfuscated mail if you'd care to contact me... ahvohsh 99 at g mail dot com.

    BTW, are you the Michael Smith that went to Peninsular Grammar in the 1960s? (Long shot I know but you never know :)



    • Hi Bob. Sorry. I am a different Michael Smith. There are a lot of us around. I was once a member of the Michael Smith webring, believe it or not.

      I have updated my journal [] with more information about purchasing these phones.

    • Interested voltagex --at-- voltagex --dot-- --org-- (I'm in Canberra)
  • Hi All,

    The phone I want to get is the A6 GSM-900 five pack for 1000 US dollars. I went through the shopping cart to the point where it told me that the delivery price is 152.16 US dollars. Adding it up, converting to Australian dollars at the current exchange rate and dividing by five gives 283.20 Australian dollars per phone.

    If you haven't done so you should read up on the A6 phone []. I plan to use the buzz fix procedure on my phone if the problem turns out to be serious. I won't know the answer to tha
    • by Rhaposo ( 2572 )

      Hi Michael,

      The price looks good and although my eyes are getting a bit old for SMD rework I think I'll be able to manage with a big enough glass :), so yes I'll take one thanks.

      How were you contemplating payment? Would Direct Deposit to your account be ok? Might have to investigate rates for forward shipping but an "Express Post Platinum 3kg Satchel" = $15.90,1467,CH2528%257EMO19,00.html []
      which should be secure enough for me given that the phone should already be packed securely

    • by davetv ( 897037 )
      Hi Michael, I'll take one. Price is fine - would also be happy to organise payment via direct deposit. Thanks Dave
    • by shocking ( 55189 )

      Hi Michael,

      I'd be interested - I live in Canberra, so would have to have one shipped. Email is stephen.hocking at You're not the Michael Smith who was involved in XFree86 and who helped me get a copy of Dell SVR4 many years ago?

      • No I am one of the thousands of other Michael Smiths. I get asked that question a lot. ;)

        I have five phones here. One I am keeping. Three I am about to send to other /. people. The price came to

        Phone,shipping 283.20
        GST,etc 40.22
        Postage in AU 13.00
        Total 336.42

        Let me know if you are interested.
        • by shocking ( 55189 )

          In a fortnight's time - I just bought a pair of cats who in total ended up costing something similar.. Sigh.

  • Hey,

    I just *might* be interested in one. No promises.

    What $$$ are we talking?

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