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Journal ValarClan's Journal: RE: Obama makes history! US Loses Most Jobs At Fastest Rate

In reference to: http://slashdot.org/~RailGunner/journal/226837)

Considering it takes time to claim unemployment, 2 weeks in my state after you're laid off, I can see the job loss seems to have stabilized.

About planting gardens, why not. They are fun anyway.
And why not end capitalistic control of ones food resources. LOL!
Actually gardening is just fun, sorry for the satire.

I am beginning to believe RailGunner has to be a comedian. Much like Colbert on the comedy channel.

If he had not so quickly BLOCKED me I would enjoy making political cartoons on his stuff. I am a artist after all on top of my other skills.

I take it back if he is SERIOUSLY believing his posts. And then suggest he chill a bit and get out of his tighty whities.

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RE: Obama makes history! US Loses Most Jobs At Fastest Rate

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