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Comment Community Reinvestment Act, pt 3 (Score 1) 2

I find it always amusing when the little guy is blamed. The little guy is of course the one asking for the loan.

Corporations have a duty even under this act to respond responsibly and have a greater breadth and depth of resources. Any leader not willing to work under a set of rules can still leave the post. The little guy has no control.

Additionally a lot of the customers with these loans are finding it impossible to reason with these lenders when trouble hits. This further makes it impossible to help them get out of the trouble.

And I personally know of people who had loans given to them without full disclosure and even what 'variable' rate loans where what they were offering was not disclosed until the moment of signing. And without the understanding by common folk it is criminal in my opinion.

And this couple lost their job as the worst in 2008 started. They tried to renegotiate once they realized what was happening. Only to be ignored.

But a signed document becomes not criminal once signed no matter if it was fully understood.

When these corporations had the information, the knowledge, and ability to change it did not. There is nothing there to stop a loan giver from taking charge when things go wrong, plan for when they go wrong, and nothing stopping them from taking that money they profit from and not waste it on bonuses. You do not have to take the executive 'bonus'.....

As long as common people can work a honest day's job they can produce the commodities we use. When they can not we enter a dark age.

I can see rewarding good work, but the 'bragging rights' of the amount of reward is getting out of control. It seriously needs to be moderated.

There is a reason smart people are often some of the lowest income people in the world. They see the responsibility, and maybe they are more aware of how unfair the system has become.

There is also the theory those with the brains are usually not awarded for their work, it is often signed away to those with money.

I cite Microsoft, Bill Gates bringing in DOS to IBM.
He did not create DOS, in fact he bought the rights to it for about $1000 from one programmer. A flat amount. (If only full disclosure was required.... maybe they would be different, maybe they could write good code for once... )

Then he sold it with per unit revenue back to him. (now remember Bill did not create this program/OS.)

Did Bill get rewarded for good work? No, just well worded agreements. The guy who helped create the computer revolution was not allowed to help any further.

The smart guy, the hard working guy, the guy who created was not correctly rewarded in any way.

The reward system is geared to those already in control to allow them to 'exploit' control of the rewards further. We need people more humble and truthful about reward.

And my point is the common man in the field of work and day to day grunt work has little chance to see what their leaders should be seeing.

We need someone who is not afraid to look, act, take responsibility in charge no matter the position. Not to come in with preconceived notions and not to be self-centric.

(If case in point Bill Gates was a good leader he would have turned back to the guy who came up with DOS and said, hey here is some extra cash based off the profits of your invention. Plus a thought maybe to CONTINUE to add to our knowledge..... To my knowledge it took a court action, and even then it was a little to little a little to late....)

Comment Community Reinvestment Act, Pt 2 (Score 1) 2

By the way in regards to GM and what they discussed at that annual meeting, and I am sorry I kinda introduced the points but did not elaborate much.

What my friend at GM financial pointed out is these loans had been huge profit sources for GM. But even he knew there was something wrong. They were putting the double and triple digit profits back to the main corporation to help prop them up.

The bubble that burst was they did not reinvest the money back into the department that made the money or held it reserve for rainy days; it went to dividends, profiteering, and into non-profitable money loosing aspects of the corporation.

They needed to learn to reinvest back into what was making them the money. (You do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.)

Even Loggers replant trees once they clear out land, but that was forced upon them. They did not volunteer to do it. It required a act of congress. Now they realize it is good business. Granted it costs them money, but it is money that returns.

They were making these insane amount of money and ignoring the facts they knew it was not going to last.

It is a interesting point they had the money in huge amounts and not thinking they should do the right thing and keep it for a rainy day.

You have to consider if you are gambling with questionable loans no matter how well written to make indentured slaves of the customer, you are gambling. Since we have laws against slavery those well written leases, loans, and like mean nothing when you can not pay them back, since you can not get money where it is not. They have to consider the cost of doing business in low income has chances, and any profits gained from such loans should be held for those who can not pay back. If not, they are gambling. And that house of cards has to collapse.

It is a simple act of corporate greed not looking to the future and acting un-ethical to mankind, self centered and not serving the people well.

We The People need to keep a eye on leaders who are not self evident. And our leaders need to keep constant contact and also be self aware and aware of their people, their brothers and sisters keeper.

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Journal Journal: Community Reinvestment Act 2

Community Reinvestment Act

I just thought that would be useful source of information at time of this posting.

I know of people I have done TECHNICAL support who reported at a GM annual meeting in New York in 2007 that they talked about the housing bubble about to bust. It would be nice to get my hands on the professionally created video by a New York video firm.

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Journal Journal: RE: Obama makes history! US Loses Most Jobs At Fastest Rate

In reference to:

Considering it takes time to claim unemployment, 2 weeks in my state after you're laid off, I can see the job loss seems to have stabilized.

About planting gardens, why not. They are fun anyway.
And why not end capitalistic control of ones food resources. LOL!
Actually gardening is just fun, sorry for the satire.

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Journal Journal: RE: May Unemplyment Numbers are in 1

This is a reply to someone who immediately foed me.

Obviously your un aware of the "end of the Deficit under Clinton". The deficit was majorly reduced under his term and scheduled to be gone. The largest economic growth in US history under his term....

And he was over 8 years back.

Bush has long advocated DEREGULATION, and his policy reflects it.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 3


Odd, I was just commenting. Sorry if he so thin skinned at making HUGE statements without facts behind them.
And my posts are a matter of public record. And it would go to great efforts if he just replied to me and we worked out what is fact and his fiction.

Comment Yeah, Right? (Score 1) 14

I am confused... is this something new? Sounds a little like someone going up in arms about the removal of the need to be a US Citizen to be President to allow Arnold S. to become president...

Nice thing about a democracy is the ability to see the bill being passes. The required access to the public on any bill. We get to see, we get to voice our points, and we help steer the government.

This form of change has always been proposed on every side of the politic. It never goes far.

And being a democracy we have the right to either allow it to change or to even change back.

So I am sorry if I do not see this as a major worry, a thing of note maybe....

Comment The May Unemplyment Numbers are in (Score 1) 13

Wow, you know your right the unemployment is really high... I wonder how it got there?.... Hmmm.... Wait, it happened back in August, at least that is when it hit the fan.

Well we can't blame the president at that time for it, to be fair.... was that Bush? So maybe the president the term before....

Wait was that Bush as well?... Darn!

Well it seems Deregulation was the cause to allow these flimsy practices.... who supported that... Wait... it was Bush again!

Man that guy is getting a bad rap! Maybe if he did not do this it might not follow him and ruin his good conservative name. Maybe is everyone left the conservative party the party poopers will leave... wait... they are doing that!....

Well all anyone can do is just deal with their daily lives and work harder, unfortunately the trickle up theory has a giant sponge at the top. And the rich keep what they had stolen leaving us behind... Darn again!


Comment Re:Also note the price difference (Score 1) 390

My first post.

Where it says:
"... is a attempt to stop their lucrative new phone system at COMCAST"

I am refering to comcast trying to kill Vonage of course.
"is a attempt to stop compition to their new lucrative phone system at comcast"
is how is should have read.

Thanks for understanding.

(Also I have had call from comcast, even though I am on the do not call list and have asked them not to directly. NExt time I will not be so polite.)

Spured on by:
Comcast Lying

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