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Journal LiquidCoooled's Journal: liqbase :: shaping up nicely

since starting liqbase one of the most important aspects for me is how my Nokia device feels when using it.
I am pleased to say it feels good!

the entire liqbase playground is shaping up even better than I could imagine and everything I am attempting to achieve is slotting into place.

I have now restored the core mechanics into the system and everything flows as before, but now with the framework operating at peak efficiency I can take a step backwards and admire the bigger picture:

I can now draw again and I have an awesome calendar and image viewer. theres also an extremely friendly tagcloud system which is simply a joy to use. the zooming works exactly like I thought it would, obviously work will continue and I will have all original functionality and more in the release.

A tremendous search capability has emerged with a natural organic layout bringing different components together which will literally blow your mind!

I still have lots to do, but I am getting help now from numerous quarters.

zach has just started his google summer of code residency and has begun creating his network monitor skeleton and is helping document the framework.
kot is constantly reminding me about linux in general and how stupid I am for putting fixed paths in the app :p
keesj has started to publicly track the .git and is looking at the packaging and how to actually bring liqbase into a more standard debian layout.

the encouragement I receive from all quarters lets me know I am doing the right thing :)

its gaining stability and strength now, I can see more of what I would like to do with it. :)

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liqbase :: shaping up nicely

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